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My Kitten climbs the walls

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My kitten is about 7 months and likes to climb the door frames. I have no idea why? It drives me crazy. He does it at any time of the day. He does it during the day and at night while I am trying to go to sleep. Does anyone out there know why that might be?
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My 5 yr old cat still does that. I always thought she was doing it because she either was pretending she was climbing a tree (she is indoor only and has never actually climbed a tree) or she just thought it was fun. We have a turn in our hallway and she will start at the end of the hall, run down until she gets next to the wall opposite the turn, jump up on the wall and then push off to make the turn. She looks so funny but she loves to do that.
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Cats are very energetic creatures by nature. I found that by giving them a 6 ft carpeted cat tree, they use this to bounce on. They run up, down and swing from it. They really like to be up high. If climbing the walls is bothersome to you, you may want to invest in something.
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My kitten already has a scratching post. He has toys but it may be time for me to look into a cat gym or something. What do u think?
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The more to keep them active the better. Like I said, they really like to be in high places. I have even seen people pick a room and build steps up the wall for them to climb. They will usually sleep as high up as they can get. I like the cat gyms as well. Some cats like them more than others, I cant say enough about toys for them!!
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My kitten likes toys but usually stuff with bells. Unfortunely most of the stuff that i am finding has catnip. Is it really ok to give catnip to kittens? I am looking for stuff that has bells but not catnip. I already have balls with bells. Doesnt like the soft balls because they dont make noise. Any suggestions on toys? Is cat nip good or what?
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I don't think that catnip is bad for kittens. I heard that most don't respond to it until after 6 months. Also, some cats have no reaction to catnip.

Clyde also loves bells. You can buy them at most craft stores and add them on toys yourself. Just make sure that they are secure and kitty plays with them under your careful watch (you don't want him to swallow it). He also likes those mice, especially the felt ones or the ones that make a quiet "shaker" noise.

Any suggestions on a horizontal scratching surface? Clyde doesn't use his post but loves the carpet. I don't care too much now, because we rent, but when we buy it will be an issue.

ALSO - I have seen scratching posts that wrap around the corner of walls (or door frames). Maybe that will help with the climbing..
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No, catnip is okay for any cat. I have never heard of any reactions from it. It is a natural grass.
The only horizontal scratchers I have seen, they sell at Pet co. They are make of cardboard. I have a few cats who will use them. The bottom is lined with catnip, so you gotta watch that they dont tip it over..hehe. The people I know that have the ones for corners and such really like them. You may even get a cheap rug from like walmart and lay it where he likes to scratch. Then when you move, you can set the same thing up.
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I liked that idea about the stratching post on the wall. I have no carpet but i have one in the bathroom and he doesnt seem to bother with that one. I will consider the scratch post for the door frames. Thank you.
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If you have a Walmart near you they sell a cat tree with
3 tiers that has a wide base and attaches to the ceiling
for abt. $30 - best thing I have ever purchase - Loki is now a happy kitty. Oh it is covered on rug which minw also uses as a scratching post - he also has another made with Cecile
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I'm new here but I've had my pampered pets for almost 2 years. They were adopted from a divorcing couple. I found a scratching surface made from cardboard in a plastic box at the Ames Dept. Store. It even has a lid on it around $6.00 and keeps both of them quite happy. In fact they take turns sleeping on it and scratching. I do have to take the hair off of it about twice a week, so it's just "rough" enough for them. I also "leave" empty cardboard boxes(the flat kind that 24 sodas come in) in the floor. That becomes a play pad, sleeping box or scratching post, whatever their little hearts want to use it for. I also notice my "little guy" (he's about 22 lbs) likes to scratch on one of those upright 4 drawer storage chests. I'll be replacing that one soon.
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I also saw the note about the kitten climbing the wall. Mine hasn't tried that yet. I have a different type of problem. My older female "hugs" the refridgerator(?). She will stand up on her back legs and put one paw &leg on the door front and the other set on the side of it, right where I have to open it. Has anyone else had this problem? I firmly believe that is her way of asking for her "special" milk, other than her trying to "say" milk. (The cat milk in little containers)
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Hi Twocats and welcome to the forums!

Sure sounds like your kitty loves the fridge ! I tend to agree with you that this is her way of telling you she loves that milk
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