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Ear Infections In Kitties

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A long tale....
When I got my kitties the vet said they had ear mites and he washed out thier ears and applied a med. Well the kitties ears kept getting junkie. I returned to the vet twice with one kitty and once with the other. Each time the vet did the same thing (he only charged me one time).

I kinda got fed up with htis because it was hard to hold the kitties down every day to clean their ears. On this site I heard about different things about treating ear mites. My vet didn't give me any meds to take home to put in thier ears.

I brought my kitties in this afternoon to a different vet for a second opinion. The good news is the kittens don't have mites but do have ear infections. (The first vet didn't mention this as a possibility.) So now I have to put drops in twice a day and totally clean out thier ears every other day.

I feel bad for the kitties. Has any one else ever gone through this?
I should mention the kitties are being great about this!
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I know that untreated ear mites leads to ear infection.
Anyway, happy to hear your babies are gettting the right treatment.
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That happened with Crystal. She wound up with infected ears from mites and I used the drops for a week and her ears are fine now.
What really got me angry was that we had taken her to the vet a while before that but I didn't get her regular vet and this one said it was just ear wax!
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This has happened with my dog. My cats have never had mites or ear infections, thank god.
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