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Barn cat:

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Hi again
Wanted to keep you posted about my search for the perfect barn cat. Well I found them, 2 persian females. One is black with white socks and the other is tortoiseshell. I was listening to our local "coffee Chat" and heard about 2 cats that had to be given away,lady was moving and could not have pet's. They are indoor/ outdoor cats which have been spayed with their shot's up to date. I have their records.They are beautiful. One is very lovable & the other needs tlc.But I will work on that. Am very happy with my girls. They settled in very nicely in the barn, seem to like their surroundings. They are 3 & 4. Will chat again, will let you know how we are doing.
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Good news, froghollow! Hope it works out. Don't be afraid to visit in the Lounge, where you'll get to know everybody.
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Persians are so beautiful I don't know how long you will be able to keep them in the barn. It's a good thing they are older because around where I live sometimes the rats in the barn get as big as a chihauhau.

I hope you enjoy brushing the hay out of their coats. (Tee hee hee!!)
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