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Bath issue

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Sorry to all who read this and think it is the wrong sub-forum, I just didn't know if this was for behavior or grooming.

I gave my cat a flea bath today. It was the same product that we normally use, its only the 3 or 4th bath though. However, this time after the bath my cat wasn't acting herself. She didn't fight the bath so much this time and after it was over she didn't run away and hide, she just sat there. 20 minutes after she went through a bout of heavy breathing. When I pciked her up she wouldn't cry or complain. This is not normal for her, she normally complains about near any contact except when she wants it. She really hasn't moved more then once.

Since, the bath the breathing has become normal but she really hasn't moved much.

I am going stay up late tonight watching her to make sure she is alright. If she is, what do you think happened. Was it a nervous reaction to the bath or could it have been an allergic reaction to the product.
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I hope you have not used a Hartz product as they have been known to cause all sorts of problems. I am hoping that she just is getting used to the baths and so isn't as frightened of them any more.

I would reccommend a vet check just to be safe!
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It is Sergeant's brand Flea and Tick shampoo.

To be honest I think this is her 4th bath in her life and she is a few days shy of 2yrs old now.
This was her first bath alone, normally her sister gets a bath at the sime time as her.

I am planning on taking both to the vet soon, but I haven't choosen one yet. I only recently moved to CT.

She has started moving around, and she is complaining like her old self. So she is fine.
I still have no clue why the crazy reaction after this bath.
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OK, I talked to some cat people today at work.

My water was too hot, I found it warm and I like hot water so it was to much for her.
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Originally Posted by IamJasonK
OK, I talked to some cat people today at work.

My water was too hot, I found it warm and I like hot water so it was to much for her.
Can bath water temperature affect the breathing and behavior of a cat?
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I could definitely see how bath water temp could effect a kitty like that! Cats have much higher internal temps than humans (around the 102 range or so, cant remember specifically) so warm to us could seem really hot to them and cause them to panic (hence the behaivor change and panting)... if you're unsure or want to be cautious, I remeber a little floating ducky we used to have for my baby cousins when we bathed them - it has a thermometer on the bottom and floats in the tub so you can tell how warm the water is (if i remember correctly, the safe temp range for babies was also marked on the ducky)... I'm sure you could find such a thing in Babies R Us or a similar store... I always try to use tepid water for Ollie's baths, but I also have central AC always on right now (he always gets wrapped up like a baby in towels for a few minutes so I can dry him off as much as possible)... hopefully the temp was the only problem for you!
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