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China and a confused Riley-
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Here she is all by herself

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Aww... how cute. Is she acting like she is nursing MA? McKenzie used to do that with our dog
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Riley doesn't look too sure about that acceptance thing! How cute!
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What an adorable picture of China & Riley.
Riley looks so shiney & healthy & China is a loving huggy bear. Thanks MA
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aww! adorable pictures!!!
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What a cutie!
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What a sweet couple! I hope you post more pictures of these two, they are cute!
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Awwwww isn't that just sweetness in itself!
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Very cute MA. I"ve been wondering how the other animals are, Riley, Prowler, etc.
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Allll, I love it! They're purrrrrr-fect together!
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Oh would you look at that - what a lovely picture
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