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spooked! Now its war!

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Well I know we heard it before, now it's my turn and I need opinions and advice. I have three cats ages 19 (yes really), 12 and 4. The 12 and 4 year old like to sit on the windowsill and watch the world go by. Today one of the neighbor's cats jumped up on the outer sill and freaked both of them out. Now the 4 year old is scared silly of the others and goes into growling, hissing, screaming and fighting mode on site of the others.

My vet had me separate the 4 year old into her own room for a few days and said that, if possible, put a screen in the doorway for a while to get them re-aclimated again. Also that there may be more spitting and chaos before this is all over.

He also said something that worries me. He said that since I introduce my cats to the others at the kitten stage, that was easy. Now I'm trying to get adult cats together again and that it doesn't always work. There's a possibility that they won't and I should be prepared to find the 4 year old a new home if need be.

Hard truth or just precautionary talk. My wife and I are beside ourselves at the thought of finding a new home for this cat.

Am I worrying too much here? Any special techniques to reintroduce them that will keep the fireworks minimal and achive the best results?

Thanks! Dave
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It's actually pretty common. Its redirected aggession. The one is taking it out on the others because he can't get to what really upset him. There are very few times that you can't them to be friends again. The advice that was given to you, it what it usually takes. You also may want to consider limiting acess to the window it occured at. Not forever, but a few months in order for the one to feel safe again. You can also give him some Dr Bachs rescue remedy during the process. If that does not work, then you can try Be Calm. Either one, should take the edge off a little and make the transition easier for everyone.
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Well she calmed down, but still can't stand the site of the other two boys. I've never heard of either product, but I'll look into it. I put shutters on the windows so that route if intrusion will end. Also putting up a screen on the bedroom door to keep the reintroduction from exploding.

I LOVE my cats, but this isn't fun at all!

BTW - do you have a source for Be Calm and Rescue Remedy? Tnx!
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They both can be found at your local health and nutrition store. I know GNC carries them. If you dont have one, you may be able to order online.
You may also want to look into the book "The Cat who cried for help". Dr. Dodman a behaviorist at Tufts university has shed TONS of light on problems such as this. It will help you to understand and it also gives great ideas for helping them. I know it's frustrating. I have never had that scenerio happen here, but with 12 cats, I have had some pretty good ones.
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