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Got some good news!

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My father got engaged this weekend! I'm so happy for him, and his new fiance. They've been dating off and on for over 2 years now, and they live across the street from each other. Since they decided to start dating again (almost a year ago now), he's been so happy. I haven't seen him this happy since before Mom got diagnosed. He deserves it so much!

But what's supremely funny is how he told me. Did he call? No. He sent me an email (to both addresses, at least) that said "I asked B. to marry me. She said yes. Details to follow." THAT'S IT! I tried to call him within minutes of getting the email and he had already left. So I still haven't even talked to him after he drops this bombshell on me!!! (OK, it wasn't a bombshell. He told me that this was coming, he just didn't know when. )
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Wow, Heidi! How exciting! Congratulations to your father, B, and to you! Looking forward to more details!
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That's great news!!, I'm so glad to hear that your dad is happy!
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What awesome news!! Congrats to your father and his new fiance!!
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Wonderful news! I'm glad your father is happy! Congrats!
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I'm happy for your dad!
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what wonderful news

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Wonderful! COngratulations to them both
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I remember when my mom announced she was getting married (about 10 years after my dad passed). It's so good to see your parents obtain happiness once again after their loss.

Send my congrats please!
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That is really great news. I am happy for your Father.
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wonderfull news!
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Good news for your Dad Heidi! You sound really happy for him. It's kind of funny the way he emailed you too. Straight to the point!
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Sounds wonderful, Heidi!
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How wonderful, Heidi!!
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That's super!
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Congratulations - it is nice to see some (slightly) older people making good inthe dating game. I hope they are very happy.
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Awwwww Heidi thats lovely! I wish them both well because everyone deserves to have some happiness in their lives
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Aww great news! Congratulations to you all
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Congrats to your dad Heidi What do you think of your new mummy?
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Way cool Heidi! Hmmm, do they need someone to do a wedding cake?
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Heidi, what great news Tell your Dad congratulations for me.
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Oh Heidi....that's wonderful news!!! I feel so happy for him!!!
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