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Light a candle for "Toby" please

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I heard a sad story from a co-worker today. She is a true cat lover (has 5 of her own) and is always catching the strays or ferals in her neighborhood, testing, neutering and keeping/adopting/releasing them.

There was a black tom (unneutered) that had been hanging in her neighborhood for a while that she couldn't tempt to her trap. On Friday, out of the blue, he walked directly up to her, started rubbing all over her legs and loving on her. She picked him up, brought him inside her home, and set him up in an isolated room until she could get him to the vets on Saturday.

Poor Toby was emaciated but still 11 pounds. By his frame he should probably have been a 20 pound cat. When he stretched out the toes on his paws, they were about 3 inches wide. She spent the evening with him on Friday, and because he was so loving, she slept on the floor with him overnight. He purred, he head-butted her, he kneeded on her as he sat in her lap. All this from a cat that up to that evening, had all the signs of being a feral cat.

When she brought him to the vet's on Saturday, they tested him for disease and unfortunately he tested positive. Based on his physical condition (it was horrendous), the vet suggested that he was too far gone and wouldn't get any better. So with tears in both of their eyes, and loving arms to hold him, they put him at rest. They guessed him to be about 18 months old.

I hear stories all the time from folks at work about their pets, but somehow this one struck a nerve. Poor Toby had a bad life, but when he realized how sick he really was, reached out to a big scary human to help him out of his misery. Feral cats never cease to amaze me on how intuitive they are.

As my co-worker said - he had a miserable life, but in the end, he had a name, a person to love him and hold him as he went crossed over the bridge.

Please light a candle for this beautiful boy. I didn't know him personally, but I know his story well.
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Toby was a special little guy, and your co-worker is a special person to have a cat like him reach out to her like that. Although their bond was short, it was very deep, and he's definitely waiting for her on the other side of the Bridge.
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I'm glad Toby found your friend to provide some love and affection during the end of his time. Rest in peace, angel Toby.
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oh sweet Toby darling - rest peacefully at the bridge. I shed a tear for you right now and will light a candle to help guide your way. You will no longer be in pain.
bless your friend for all that she did for Toby - there arent enough people in this world like her

RIP Toby - no longer in pain, but surely missed
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How tragic and beatiful this story is . Why do they have to wait to ask for our help until things are critical? Have a wonderful time playing at The Bridge, Toby
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Bless his little heart He was so young, but bless your co worker for giving him the experience of some love in his short life with her

Go and chase those butterflies Toby
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Bless your friend for doing what she could to help Toby and showing him such kindness. RIP sweet boy.
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Rest in peace sweet Toby. I am sad that you weren't caught as a baby, so you would have the chance at a long happy life. Run free over the bridge!
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RIP sweet Toby...your friend is such a wonderful person to care for these animals.
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