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Colorado walk

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Hey Heidi or others...have you heard about this? Apparently
it's in reaction to a tax initiative that also took away public education funding.
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Well, I'm 100% opposed to C & D. What they want to do is reject TABOR, or the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Basically, they say there isn't a tax increase, but that's a load. TABOR guaranteed that the budget would only increase by a certain % each year, and they couldn't go above that. Any taxes collected in excess of that were returned to the citizens (including low income - everyone got the same amount back, no matter how much or how little they paid in taxes). There is no clause in C & D that allows for TABOR ever being reinstated, regardless of how the economy goes. It IS a tax increase and a big one at that!

And no, TABOR never took away anything from Public Education. That's a load too. Funding the burocracy took precident over funding the schools, but putting more money into the burocracy isn't going to fix that problem.
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The guy whose sight that is said that right now in Colorado
the colleges are charging state residents the same they are charging out of staters cause of this. Is that not true?

I know that prop 13 in CA sounds like TABOR, and you know it back fired over here. We ended up paying more in all services to make it more expensive in the end.
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No, there is still In State Tuition here, although it is going up. It isn't at the same level as Out of State, and not all colleges are going up at the same rate. CU especially is getting very expensive, but other colleges aren't having the same increases.
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