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Some vibes would be very welcome....

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Despite the fact that this has nothing to do with cats...I still felt that I could count on you all to send me some vibes...heres the story:

I adopted my dog through a rescue organization in November of last year, and kept in touch with the people who helped me get Bjourne, who has turned out to be one of the family, just like my fur babies...well, the people within the rescue group have been after me to foster, and I have politely declined because of personal things in my life that have kept me pretty busy, and unable to commit to the additional time a neglected pet would take.
Two weeks ago I received a desperate email from one of the rescue leaders saying there was a german sheperd dog who was about to literally starve to death, could I possibly foster him for just a week. After much discussion with my husband, and many concerns sent over email, I made the decision to foster this dog, AFTER I returned from my PA trip. So, after many games of tag, we managed to finally get together....and I met "Rascal".
When I first saw him, I must not have hid my expression quick enough because the lady saw it and promised me that he other than malnutritioned he was healthy....MALNUTRITIONED??? He is a german sheperd, obviously mixed with something because he makes my 70 pound siberian husky look like a puppy. I can count every rib. He has no strength, hes so weak he can hardly stand. He has not been socialised, and I dont think he has ever known a kind hand...I swear, hes days away from starving to death. They said he refused to eat in the boarding facility. I took him home, immediately began calling him Bailey...Rascal was not an appropriate name for such a sweet dog, and got him to eat. He had an accident last night on my screened in porch and I was sitting outside while my husband cleaned it up, and he came up and put his head in my lap, and I went to pet him and he flinched a little, and I explained to him that accidents happen and that I promise I will do better in watching for the signs...he is so sweet that I think this foster arrangement may go permanent...he was taken from Alabama by animal control or some facility like that, because he had been left on a chain and never fed....it breaks my heart.
Please, please, send some vibes that you can spare that Bailey pulls through, and I am able to help him see love he hasnt seen in his whole three years!!!
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This is such a sad story! How fortunate for Bailey that you decided to "give in" and foster this time. I'm sending many, many get healthy vibes to Bailey, the sweetheart. Good Luck!!!
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Oh Diane..........My prayers for Bailey......Sending good Vibes too......
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Poor baby! He is SO lucky to have you! Please keep us updated.
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Oh, Diane, Bailey is certianly in my prayers! Poor boy! I believe God is already helping him - by sending him to you.
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Lots of prayers, hugs, kisses, warmth and love sent your way from me and my gang...Bless you for helping this poor baby...
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Prayers being sent, please whisper in his ear that most of us are not like those who mis-treated him so. He's now safe, and will be loved, cared for, and fed.
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Poor baby! He definately landed in the right place. Vibes are being sent
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I hope your loving treatment will help him development into the dog he should be!!
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Plenty of vibes for the sweetie pies recovery. THank goodness he's ended up with you! I'm sure in your care he'll learn what it means to be truly loved!
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good vibes coming your way
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It sounds like you and Bailey were meant to find eachother..you'll be just the right person to help him trust again. I'm sending good vibes to you both {{{{ }}}}
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Thank you all for your vibes!!!! He needs them.

Last night, I got home and he had had a few accidents on the porch while I was at work, so, I had to scrub the porch down, because I didn't want him near it. I put in a call to my vet this morning about the dirrahea, so I am waiting on a call back from him about what to do to help Bailey through it. I know hes been completely vetted, and de-wormed. I sat out on the porch with him for hours yesterday, just talking to him and petting him, and reassuring him that I was not angry about the porch (I felt like a mad woman actually having a conversation this pup.) and that it was okay, because the porch could have used a good scrubbing with lysol and simple solutions...I have the cleanest porch in my neighborhood!!
He comes up to me now and begs for a pat on the head, and he didnt flinch as badly when I went to wipe the gunk out of the corner of his eye, so that is progress.
I'll keep everyone informed of the progress I make with him.
Right now, I am scheduled to be in the Outerbanks, North Carolina on Saturday, so I am trying to get someone to keep him until I get back. Hopefully, someone will come through for me!
Thanks again, everyone!!!
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