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Another cat and another problem

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Buzz this time. He has been very grumpy and mean for the past few days. He started beating up on my other cats and yowles and hisses at us for no reason. Last night I attempted to pill him, worms again, and he tore me to pieces. He literally attacked and shredded my right arm and hand. I have about a dozen puncture wounds and about 30 scratches give or take. Some are pretty deep. What could be wrong with him? He has never behaved that way. He is/was the sweetest laid back little guy and would let you do just about anything to him. He is indoors all of the time. We have not switched his food, which he is eating. I will make an appointment for the vet but that can't happen until this coming Saturday. Until then, any ideas on what is wrong with him?
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No idea and really no one can hazard a guess since they aren't there to put hands on him. I would definitely be taking him to the vet fairly quickly. That kind of aggression is sometimes the result of pain. Sorry to hear about your shredded arm, hope you take care of that safely as well.
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Sounds like he needs to see a vet - sooner than later.
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I agree with Hissy...and please, take good care of that arm. I know how upsetting this can be...could your vet let you do a drop off apt. where you pick up him up at the end of the day (sorry, don't recall what your work hours are), so he could be seen before Saturday?
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Really the only way I can do it is to take a day off. The vet is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm and we are gone from 4:00am to 6:00pm. What to do I'm scared to death to touch Buzz now. Should I have hubby do the massage thing tonight and see if he is in pain anywhere?
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I'm going to let Hissy answer this one. I'm not sure if even the gentlest check isn't going to set him off again, and I'd hate for your dh to get hurt too. But...I don't deal with situations like this as often as I think Hissy with her ferals etc. has, so I'd get her opinion on this.
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Unexplained aggression can be a symptom of neurological problems.
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