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Poor Gizmo is still limping

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I'm not sure what exactly is going on with her. I had her to the vet when this first started, and he said it was a pulled muscle in her back. Gave her a shot of steriods for the inflammation, and said to keep an eye on her. It's been getting better and then worse since then. Sometimes she walks with barely a hint of a limp, and sometimes she's limping pretty badly. And this is within a day, going from limping badly, to barely limping, to limping badly again. But she's not exactly taking it easy, either. I have 3 baby gates in the house, one to keep the dogs out of the cat food/litter box, one at the top of the stairs, and then at times there's the 3rd gate at the kitchen doorway to contain the big dogs. Gizmo only has a reason to go over one gate, the one near the food/litter box. But she routinely jumps the other gates, even though there's no reason for her to be there. I'm guessing it can't be bothering her too badly if she's jumping those gates. Probably not helping her back much, but taking the gates down isn't an option either.
Is there anything I can do to make her back feel better? Massage or something? I was pressing/poking on her back earlier today and she didn't react negatively, so I'm really confused as to what would be her problem. And just now, she PICKED a fight with one of the dogs. The dog wasn't doing anything, and she started a fight with him (which is entirely typical of her). *sigh* I'm thinking there's more than just a pulled muscle here, but her behavior is stumping me! She wouldn't move at the vet's office, so he couldn't watch her walk/limp.

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Gizmo reminds me of patients who don't listen to the doctor.
Is it possible to temporarily keep Gizmo in a "recovery" room until the vet says it's okay to "let her do what she wants"?
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Could you get her on video when she's limping and show it to the vet?
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I had a similar problem when I was volunteering for a rescue group. I had taken a cat in that was limping severely on her back right leg.. but when I to k her to the vets, she wouldn't move or anything for him to see. =\\ So I just took her back to the rescue center(no cages, they all ran free) and set her loose, to see her run a few steps, before falling over. I called the vets abck and made another appointment later on that week. I finally got her to take a couple of steps, and it turned out there was some sort of mental retardation or a damaged nerve, that made her limp andd fall over like that. She was actually adopted out into a very loving home. I don't think she could ahve gotten a better one.

Good luck with, Gizmo!
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If I lock her in a room, she will claw at the carpet until I let her out I thought about putting her in a crate, but I only have 2, and neither is big enough for a litter box. Ones my small kitty travel cage that she goes to the vet in, and the other belongs to my dog (and he needs his crate!). So I'm stuck there.
I don't think she's got any neurological problems, her balance and everything is just fine, it's just the limp that's her problem. Or, rather, the muscle causing the limp.
I can get a video of her limping, but my CD burner isn't working anymore so I'd have no way of getting media my vet could watch. They don't have internet. I only have a digital video, and it doesn't have a screen

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