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Soft Paws - new colors

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I was just checking the Soft Paws web site after linking to it in another post, and noticed that they have some new colors:

Soft Paws (click here)

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Oh cute! They have Christmas Soft Paws!!
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How very fashion forward of them!
Has anyone had any success with these? I've contemplated getting them put on Emma because we just can't clip her claws, she freaks out. But, we'd probably have to have her sedated each time we needed to change the things, and that seems dumb. Oh well.
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My biggest problem with Soft Claw/Paws is glueing my fingers together!! I haven't tried them since March 2005, but I love the purple color.
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I clip my kitties claws because I do not think that I would survive trying to put Soft Paws on them.
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I use soft paws religiously... I responded to a post the other day that someone wrote about experiences with soft paws - you can look it up if you care to read my rave, haha, I'll spare the repeating... I always get the clear color, Oliver's too much of a manly cat and I feel he'd be embarressed with colors on his toes! (my pup on the other hand, I paint her toenails sometimes!) I was actually in petco today and found medium, clear soft paws on sale for like 3 dollars cheaper, so I grabbed them even though I'm not low on them.... I am a very BIG promoter of soft paws because I've assited on one too many a declaw surgery and could never encourage declawing... the new colors are cute though, maybe if I had a little girl, I'd get colors
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they should do french mani! think of how cute that would be if the mama and kitty have matching nails!
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I have them, but I haven't used them. I feel bad, even though he scratches up my couch, I feel like he would have problems climbing his cat tree. When he gets excited he scales the tree using his claws. Anyone else have this issue, does it affect their climbing?
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It does affect their climbing, I'll admit, but it's such a lifesaver as far as furniture goes. My cats aren't crazy about having them put on, but they tolerate it. You *do* have to clip their nails before applying them though...I've found that clipping AND applying is too much for one sitting so I try to split it up some. But no, they can't scale a cat tree (I don't have one, but I imagine they couldn't because they can no longer scale my couch).
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I think they are cute but only one of mine would sit still long enough to tolerate it.
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