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Tolstoy comes home

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Today we welcomed Pawra Tolstoy (Tolly) into our home and hearts.

He will be 3 years old in December and has had a very traumatic week. Lily's breeder sold him as a kitten to a lady who absolutely adored him. Sadly, she died unexpectedly last week. She and Tolstoy lived alone. The poor little soul has been alone, then taken to the breeder's home (they are her children for life when she breeds them ) now he has found himself in our home.

He is not quite as secure as Lily - he's a little nervous of noises. But he's lovely and such a lovebug.

Here he is

Tolly in his carrier when we first got home (looking a little scared)

After a little while familiarising himself - he made friends with daddy

Then he climbed up on my lap and decided to make himself at home

After which he moved over to the sofa where daughter was sitting and decided it was time for a wash

Followed by a bit more fuss

Then he posed for a photo - he is a very handsome boy

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Aw... What an adorable little guy you have It's so wonderful he is feeling right at home. You are so lucky! Know you just have to get used to " No Tolly ! ... Um I mean Lily ... or is it Tolly?"
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What a handsome boy! Congratulations!
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Alllll, he's so handsome! Congratulations on your new addition!!
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What a lovely outcome to such a sad story. It looks like Tolstoy is fitting it very well.

I just love Singapura's, and if Tolly is anything like little Lily, I'm sure he'll make a wonderful companion.
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Oh Beth, what a handsome little guy! Just gorgeous! Good for you!
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I my God, he is absolutely BEAUTIFU! i LOVE all of the pictures of him, but I just adore the one with his little tongue out. I'm so sorry that he lost his original, mother, but I'm so happy that he found a loving new home to go to. He's WONDERFUL!
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Awww, what a cutie! Looks like he is settling right in.
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Oh he is so handsome! What breed is he?
Welcome home Tolly
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Chris - you are so right - Tolly just walked into the living room and hubby said "hello.....no which one are you?"

Tolly thanks everyone so much and say "YIOW" (his favourite word today) to Chris, Eilcon, lovemycodygirl and Susie.

Vespacat - thank you. Although I think all kitties are special and love my indoor/outdoor girls to bits, Singapuras have a special attraction for me. They really are into everything though. Tolly and Lily seem to have hit it off straight away. They are brother and sister, although not from the same litter.

Hope - thank you. I know how much you like Singapuras and thought of you when the breeder phoned us last week and told us of poor Tolly.

Tracey & Amy - thank you. Amy - Tolly is a Singapura.
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You are going to have to start doing what I do with the black cats - color coded collars. I can tell them apart if they are sitting still - but when they fly by, I need the colors to figure out who is in trouble.
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Originally Posted by Talon
You are going to have to start doing what I do with the black cats - color coded collars. I can tell them apart if they are sitting still - but when they fly by, I need the colors to figure out who is in trouble.
Your house sounds like great fun! I bet the birds could tell one from the other!!
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Oh my goodness Beth!!!, he's gorgeous! and i can't get over how much he looks like Lily as well!.

I'm sure Tolly's former owner will RIP now that she knows her little boy is in good hands
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What a beautiful, lucky boy Tolly is!! And how lucky are you to have him?! Congrats!
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Yippee, Beth! Congratulations on your new addition! Tolly, you're such a gorgeous little boy! He so quickly has become comforable with his new family, and it's just so wonderful he and Lily got on so well right from the beginning! You must be filled with such joy! Welcome to the family, Tolly!
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What a hottie!!
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Susan, Sunnicat and Stephanie - thank you . He certainly is making himself right at home.
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Aww Fwan - I missed you because I took so long to type . Tolly sends you a big kiss to thank you
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He's gorgeous!!, I love his eyes!
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Beth, Tolly is gorgeous! What a lucky boy he is. I'm glad to hear he's settling in well!
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good grief Beth, he sure is adorable

bless you and Geoffery for opening up your hearts and your home for this gorgeous little boy
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Beth...you have a wonderful family. I sure that if Tolly's last Mommy were looking down at your home right now....
she would be smiling.

Bless you Beth for all the love that you are sharing.
Tolly is a truly handsome boy.
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that last photo that you posted - are you sure thats not lily?
that photo of Tolly and the photo of Lily in your signature are very very alike - even the stance!!
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Thank you Tracey, Linda, Dan & Lei.

I can't wait to get a photo of them side by side - then you can see how much bigger than Lily he is. They'll have to stop chasing around at top spped first though.

Although we know she is small, we are used to her size now. When we got to the breeder's house yesterday and she bought Tolly in, we just couldn't get over the size difference.
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Are they playing together already Beth?!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Are they playing together already Beth?!
Oh yes - they hit it off instantly . He's very considerate of her because she is so much smaller than him. If he charges around the corner and she's not ready, he'll stop and wait for Lily to finish what she's doing.

We have a long box that the garden parasol came in, we had chopped four big circles into it for Lily to play with. Last night they took turns with one being in the box and one outside, catching each other's legs as they went by.

In the car when he was Yiowing, Lily would let out a little miaow and poke her paw out of the carrier. When they could see each other, he stopped yiowing for a minute.

They did have a boisterous moment last night when he split the catnip bag and got himself high on catnip - I think he charged a bit quickly then and she got worried; but that didn't last long.
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Awwwww hey how fantastic is that!!

This is great news, i love to see cats playing together It just makes you think what their missing when their an only child?!
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Aww, Beth! Tolly is gorgeous! He certainly seems to be making himself at home!

That is wonderful that Lily and Tolly are getting on so well and so soon! You must be so pleased!

The last picture would definitely look great in your signature!
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Welcome, Tolly! You are an adorable boy! Glad to hear he and Lily are getting along.
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Welcome Mr Tolstoy!

He looks like he has settled in just fine - and is very lucky to have found you and your family. It is really sweet that he and Lily are getting along - at least he has some company and can get over his traumatic week

I am looking forward to seeing some more pictures of him, he's very handsome IMO!
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