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Silly question, but just wondering

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Do both male and female cats spray, or is it only intact males that do this. I'm only asking because the day that we moved to our new apartment we saw a cat spraying the front bumpers of a couple of cars, one after the other. Then I saw this cat again last night protecting a kitten. I'm fairly sure this is a feral. Just wondering if it's a boy or girl.
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Only males spray...here is a brief explanation:

Marking the territory involves the spraying of urine and the deposition of pheromones from glands strategically located on your cat's body. These glands are located in the facial area, around the tail region and even in the foot pads

Spraying is a common component of cat behavior during the mating season with males and females "communicating" their availability via their chemical markers.

A male cat sprays when he becomes excited by the presence of a female cat who is in heat. The spraying marks the area as his domain and discourages other males from intruding.

Cats who are establishing territory by urinating tend to mark vertical surfaces. They stand with their legs straight, tail stiff and vertical and back up to the target.
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According to this article, female cats also spray. Go to page 2 of the article and you find it mentioned in the 3rd paragraph.
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Female cats definitely can spray. Spraying is the projection of urine onto a vertical surface. Cats generally spray to mark their territory. We had two territorial females for a few years and they often sprayed all over the place. We eventually found the younger one a better home.
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Both females and males spray, neutered males can spray, spayed females can spray. it is a territorial thing (usually) If they are squatting and peeing small amounts in and out of the litter pan it is a health issue, but spraying is dominance, marking and territory boundaries.
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I had a female that used to spray. She came to us as a feral kitten, don't know if that had anything to do with it though.
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Correction & addition to my post:

Females in heat also tend to spray. This is apparently a form of announcement. The female lets the males in her vicinity know that she's in heat by releasing special scents in her urine and spraying it in key locations.
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Very informative. Thanks everyone.
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