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Drew is such a sweetie! he looks so huggable. Is he feeling any better yet?
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You can help your poor puddy settle down by sending him thoughts that the special cat doctors are trying to help him. Send him out mental pats and cuddles, tell him to trust you, you'd never leave him there if it wasn't for the best. he'd know that anyway, but we all love reassurance.

Then imagine him well and happy, skipping and playing like a kitten. He's purring and rolling on his back for special tickles. he doesn't feel sick anymore, and whatever is in him (germ, obstruction whatever) is out and he's fine.

I'm sending you and your precious cat lots oif health and happiness vibes.

Lots of love
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How is Drew today? Please let us know? I just said another prayer of healing for him.
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Originally Posted by carolcat
How is Drew today? Please let us know? I just said another prayer of healing for him.

Well, Craig and I just got back from visiting Drew Bear at the vet. I was rather happy to see they had him in a very secluded and quiet private area away from the other cats (he is easily stressed out... so seperating him and giving him a private area had to be comforting).

When we walked around the corner behind the vet tech he hissed and then he saw us and immediately starting meowing. He wouldn't come to the front of the cage to let us pet him so I said "Fine, I'm opening this cage!". I opened it and Craig laid down some shorts that he worked out (and sweated profusely in) for Drew. Drew immediately started sniffing and laid down on the shorts and started purring!! After that we spent an hour taking turns petting and loving and talking to him.

While Craig was talking to and loving on him I tracked the vet down and spoke to him about Drew. He got some of the lab work back and said that Drew's white blood cell count was significantly low.. coming in at about 3,100 where the normal is about 8,000-12,000. He then said his polys was low at 2170 where the average is about 5000. His lymph (I'm guessing something to do with his lymphnods) was also low at 780 when it should be around 2400. His protein was low (doctor said it was expected because of all the vomiting he had been doing). The final thing that was wrong on the lab work was his thyroid (T4) was measuring at 1.4 when it should be at about 2.5. On top of all this he was running a temperature at 104.5 (average is about 100).

The doctor said he has some type of virus but that what kind of virus it is he doesn't know. He said to pin point the exact type would cost around $500 because of all the different types of tests. (I was in tears at this point) He said that he's just going to keep Drew there overnight again and continue to give him fluids, antibiotics, and to monitor him. He said Drew only threw up once today and that he threw up solid food and not any foam (that's an improvement over yesterday).

When Craig and I got there Drew-Bear seemed to perk up instantly. He purred a lot and gave us head bonks. He also seemed to think that he should show us how happy he was to see us by eating his food and he ate quite a lot with us there watching him and encouraging him. After an hour or so Drew started to look kinda sleepy so we decided to head out and let him rest. I, of course, choked up and started crying again.

I don't know what to think, I'm terrified.
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I wish I had answers for you, but just take it one day at a time...he's eating, he's vomitting less, they will figure out what is wrong.
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I agree. You're going to feel upset no matter what I think (I know I would be) but don't forget that you are doing everything you can for him, and that is what really matters. He knows he is loved.
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Sounds like Drew is doing better and definitely headed in a positive direction.
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*warm kitty prayers to sweet Drew* I hope all is well with your sweet furry pet.
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More prayers headed your way for Drew. I'm glad that you were able to pay him a visit. It sounds like it really cheered him up!! And I was most happy to hear that he ate for you!!! Yipee!!! I hope the vet gets to the bottom of it. . . . or that it passes on its own. Keep us posted on Drew's progress.
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Originally Posted by George'smom
More prayers headed your way for Drew. I'm glad that you were able to pay him a visit. It sounds like it really cheered him up!! And I was most happy to hear that he ate for you!!! Yipee!!! I hope the vet gets to the bottom of it. . . . or that it passes on its own. Keep us posted on Drew's progress.
It sounds as though he is improving. I will continue to pray for him, here's hoping he can come home tomorrow. Hugs
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Wow, I just read this thread and boy does it bring back the fear I felt, when our boy Boris was sick. All the good vibes, thoughts and prayers pulled him through and we were very close to losing him. So, from all of us here and especially Boris, we are sending all the "get well vibes" your way in hope that Drew gets better soon.
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I just got off the phone with the vet's office. They're so nice over there. I asked how Drew was doing and she pulled his file. She said his temperature has went down from 104 to 102.5. I was *SO* happy to hear that! He only has another 1.5 - 2 degrees to go before it's back to normal.

She said he did throw up once over night in his kennel, but that it was only a small amount of solid food (about two teaspoons). I told her that he ate quite a bit yesterday when we were there visiting him and she said that it's an improvement and that he's only thrown up twice since he's been there (He got there on Monday).

She also said that his attitude is improving and that the only time he hisses is when they get around the corner and approach his cage but that once they open it up and take him out of the kennel that he calms down and starts to love on them. His hydration has improved so they're having to give him less subcutenous fluids than they were before.

They want to keep him overnight again to monitor him. I told her that they can keep him overnight as long as it takes to make him better, but that they might want to designate two chairs near his kennel because his parents will coming to visit him every single day until he can come home. She laughed and said not a problem.

His brothers are rather restless. They miss him terribly. I'm having a hard time keeping my composure and I look like death has ran me over a few times. I have dark circles around my eyes and I cry sporadically through out the day so my eyes are almost always bloodshot and swollen. I just HATE feeling so helpless and I hate not being able to do anything to make my baby feel better. His health and improvement is out of my hands and it's driving me insane.
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Cassie, so glad to hear Drew is improving. He is still in my prayers.
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Dear Cassie, well that is great news. Sounds like he is well on the way to recovery, but I know that you are having a VERY rough time. I will continue to pray for Drews recovery and for you, that you can relax a little and not be so stressed. Don't forget to give your other fur babies attention as well, for they miss him too. Hugs
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We just got back from visiting him. He looks MUCH better and was more active and responsive today. His fever is down and he ate more food for me. He keep talking to us and loving on us and if either of us moved away from the front of his cage he would look around for us. He's such a sweetheart. I can't WAIT for him to come home.

He did throw up earlier today. They said he threw up about 2 teaspoons of solid food. My poor baby just can't hold anything down . We both loved on him and told him how much we and his two brothers miss him. We told him how proud we are of him for being so tough and to keep fighting the virus off. The doctor wants to keep him there until he stops throwing up. We said to keep him however long he needs to, but to please please (I was quite literally begging) get him better.

My baby boy. I love him so much. I pray so many times for him through out the day. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and vibes. Drew is getting better and I have no doubt that the board magic here has helped him immensely.

You guys are great thank you again so so much.
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Cassie...I will be praying that sweet Drew Bear keeps improving and you can bring him home tomorrow.
Here is a big hug for your cuddle Bear.
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I just got off the phone with the vet (A daily thing.. lol) and he said that Drew hasn't thrown up since YESTERDAY MORNING! I was soooo happy to hear that. He said he seems to be eating just fine and he hasn't thrown up *YET*. OMG! I'm soooo sososososo happy!

He did say his temperature went back up just a little bit and that it is cause for concern. He's switching his antibiotic to see if that can help get his temperature down and regulated. Other than the temperature he's doing REALLY good today. Doctor said a few more days of not throwing up and a normal temperature and he can come HOME!

He's also gonna get his vaccinations while we're there. OMG! You guys! I am so thrilled that my baby is improving!!!!! I could literally do a dance on top of my desk right now! My baby boy is getting better WAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!

We're gonna go visit him again today. I'll let you know how that goes when I get back! OMG I CAN NOT WAIT TO BRING HIM HOME!
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That's GREAT Cassie, I am doing a happy dance along with you. :-)
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OMG GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!! Vet called today and said that his temperature is normal and that he hasn't thrown up in TWO DAYS! The vet said that we might be able to take him home tomorrow. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I wish I could hug you all in person for all the wonderful board magic, but all I can do is hug here so *HUGSHUGSHUGSHUGS*.

I'm gonna deep clean my apartment so that when he comes home it's all nice and neat for him. Then I'm gonna go to the pet store and get some toys/treats/surprises for him. He's been such a trooper. I love that cat! I'll post some new pictures of him when he gets home too.

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I'm very glad to hear Drew is feeling better. That's so wonderful and I'm sure all of your prayers certainly helped Drew get better and just knowing how much he is loved by you. Wishing Drew continued good health!
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YIPEEE!!!!!!!!!! Drew baby we knew you would do it!!!!
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How wonderful!
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That is the best news I've heard in a long time!!!!! I'm so happy for you
Give Drew a big hug for me!
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