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help! introducing two adult female cats.

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hi, my name is ashley and i recently got an apartment with a friend of mine that had moved in a few weeks before me. he has a 1 year old female cat (raina) that is very lively and exetremely playful, for lack of better words. i on the other hand have a 5 year old female (raja) that is very laid back, and really keeps to herself. raja has never been around another cat, although i do have 3 dogs that she has been around her entire life. i have done some research into introducing them, but was looking for additional advice possibly from personal expirience. we are both first time cat owners and even though my cat is a bit older she is the only one that i have ever had. i would really appreciate any advice anyone could offer.

thanks a million
ashley and raja
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Ashley...this is a really good thread on how to introduce cats:

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My Festus doesn't like new cats. Whenever we get a new foster, she is reluctant to be friends, unlike Garfield, who never met a stranger.

I just let Sugartoes out with them a few weeks ago, after she and her kits were in a separate room for about 2-1/2 months. It seems that after that long in the same house, they would be friends. But Festus would hiss everytime Sugartoes looked right at her. Sometimes Fest would initiate the contact, like smelling Sugar's butt, then hiss when Sugar turned and looked at her!

They have all been together for about 2 weeks now, and there is no longer any hissing or growling. They can be close together and not bother each other. However, they are not acting like cuddly friends.

Just be prepared to give the cats plenty of time, and if they never become cuddly friends, it is ok. Best of luck with these two cats!
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thanks so much for your help, i did have one other problem that i just thought of. i work about 70 hours a week, and sometimes have to work overnight, how will my cat react to being secluded in the room while i am away? do you think she would be ok, she's alright now, but she also has run of the house.
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