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Anyone getting Nintendogs for Nintendo ds? I just pre-ordered mine for tomarrow. Im so excited. Im disapointed that there isnt one for cats but who can say no to these cute little puppies!!

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I just saw it in Wal-Mart on a sign. What is it??
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Its pretty much a virtual pet but with awsome graffics and a ton of stuff to do. Have you every heard of Petz for the pc. Pretty much that.

Chech out the web site i posted it above
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Oh how cute!
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OMG that's soo cute, and they have a corgi puppy!
I don't have any Nintendos of any kind though except a very old gameboy
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Everytime I watch the videos on the website i go into this crazy giggle fit. Their sooo cute!!!! I cant wait!
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sounds like a tamagotchi
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My cousin is buying me the Daschund one for my birthday. She and her boyfriend will each be getting a copy of the game as well so we'll be hanging out and letting our dogs play together. Yes I really am that big a dork. I'm very excited about my little video game dog.
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It looks great, doesn't it! I just can't wait to get it!

I am sure they'll bring a cat one out at some point! They started with Dogz, then Catz and then Oddballz! Natural progression - well maybe not the Oddballz, but they were fun!
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I'm a playstation girl. If they came out with a cat one I'd probably get it. I remember there used to be something like that for your PC. I virtual cat that you could play with and stuff. Anyone know what happened with that?
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