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Oh, how exciting Beth!! Congrats on your new furbaby!! He sounds like such a love! I'm on my way over to Fur Pictures now!
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I have to admit I'm turning several shades of green here. What a handsome fellow and so affectionate and settled already. Wonderful. Naturally we'll expect many more pictures!
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Linda & Linda thank you so much.
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The night started off well last night, when we went to bed Tolly came up with us and the first thing he did was crawl inside the bedclothes - we thought ah! that's obviously what he's been used to. Then he crawled out of the bedclothes and lay on the top of the covers with Lily.

They stayed there until about 3 am. Then Tolly decided to wake up. He was wandering around Yiowing - we think he was trying to wake Lily up, because stopped yiowing when she woke up to play with him. So we were awake every hour, on the hour I think I was saying "No Tolly you can't get in the wardrobe" in my sleep.

They they were thundering up and down the stairs, on the bed, off the bed, clatter on the windowsill, thud on the bed again. Lily lands on the bed with little fairy feet - Tolly almost goes through the mattress.

Good news is, he has used his litterbox and eaten some dinner when we were asleep. Hopefully he will begin to feel a little less stressed today.
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Beth, that's excellent news! Congratulations on your new addition!

I am sure that Tolly will settle and relax soon - he has Lily to keep him busy, anyway!
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Well, I sure am glad Lily and Tolly are getting along so well, Beth! So much fir that hope of a good night's sleep, though! Your discription of Tolly's "grace" or complete lack there of when jumping on the bed is hilarious!
I'm sure they'll both soon begin to sleep through the night. You're doing such a wonderful job in giving Tolly a feeling of comfort in his new home!
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Thank you for sharing our happiness at our new arrival Sarah and Stephanie.

The two kitties are exhausted today. We will leave them to sleep for now - then after our walk to the store will wake them up and keep them awake until bedtime. Rotten mummy
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Oh i've missed this update here!.

Both Lily and Tolly must be so happy to have found a playmate in each other It must be so lovely to watch them like that Beth

I know i love it when i see Rosie and Sophie play. I got upset once when i watched them, because i thought Rosie had been on her own for nearly a year without a playmate
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As expected things have been mixed. Some progress is astounding, some behaviour has hubby and I on the edge of our seats wondering what is going on. I will post in the behaviour forum about this. But a quick update here.

Lily and Tolly got on extremely well from the very beginning. Tuesday night they spent the entire night asleep on the end of our bed only 6 inches apart.

They run around together, chasing each other in a non aggressive way and greet each other in doorways with little kisses on the nose. He is a much bigger cat than Lily though, about twice her size and can be very boisterous. Lily feels rather intimidated at times.

We are taking it day by day to see how it goes and whether the situation will work out for the better.
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Precious little Lily, you must not know what to think about this big boisterous boy wanting to play with you. You're such a fragile little girl!
They've surprised you so much, though, Beth, in the way they're kissing noses and and sharing space together already! How frustrating, though, and I know it bothers you so much to see your little baby get flustered.
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