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The TCS Baby Boom Continues

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We have an announcement too. What was 4 will be 5 in just a couple of hours. This wasn't a planned arrival, although we have thought of an indoor companion for Lily in the past. But her breeder mommy asked us if we would be interested in a 2 and half year male Singapura who lost his human . He apparently is a very loving little boy who was the apple of his mommy's eye. He has had a trial run with one of the lady cats at the breeder's house and seems to have gotten on fine. We are going to collect him in an hour .

Will post piccies when we get back!!!!!!!
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how marvellous Beth!!! YAY!! YAY!!! oh I cant wait to see photos he certainly has hit the jackpot coming to live with you!! hope Lily takes to him okay.
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So, you'll be adding to your siggy soon!
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Oooooooh another baby! Awww bless his little heart losing his mum though but we all know that he'll be in a loving home with you all
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Welcome to the family, Tolly! We're so excited with you, Beth! Sierra, Serenity and I can hardly wait to meet your new precious little boy!
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Aw lucky little boy. I can't wait to see pictures!
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lucky you!!
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How exciting, congratulations! Can't wait for the piccies!
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Yeah! We like new family members!
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Congratulations . bless his little paws, he sounds like a real sweetie.
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Congratulations!!! Eagerly awaiting pictures and stories!!!
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Congratulations on your new addition! Can't wait to see pics!
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Congrats!!, post some pics as soon as you can!!
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Wow thank you everyone. Tolstoy (Tolly) is home! He yowled all the way home - Lily kept looking at him as if to say Tolly you big girl's blouse - why don't you just sit quietly like me .

Lily went to meet Tolly with us and to see her Breeder Mommy again. They had a lovely introduction, one hiss and much nose sniffing. We put the towel from Lily's carrier in Tolly's carrier so that he was used to her smell and would smell of her when he got home.

He is a real love bug, but obviously very sad at losing his other human. We have kept the name he is used to and he comes running for a fuss when any of us calls Tolly. I will post piccies when I can get him to keep still long enough to take a photo.

He is about twice the size of Lily.
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YAY!!!!!!! Sorry I'm late with the congrats but you know I am babysitting the human kind this week

I cannot wait to see pictures! You must be so excited. At least if someone calls me the crazy cat lady , I can say, "Well, Beth has five, too!"
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Oh Beth he sounds adorable Bless his little heart, but i know with all the love he'll be given he'll settle in perfectly
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He's hilarious - he talks all the time; he cannot walk around the house with telling where he is, what he's doing, what he wants!

Thank you so much Chris and Susan. Oh yes, I have 5 now
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Ohhh I just caught this! Congratulations!

Dear Mr Tolly, I am sure you will be happy in your new home...
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Careful Beth, or pretty soon you will have as many as me!
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Oh i'll send Rosie over for a good gossip then! She does that to me every night when i get in from work!
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Congrats on the new addition!!! Tolly sounds positively purrrfect!!
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Congratulations...poor sweet boy. He'll soon realize he's in his new, and very loving home. He's lucky folks were looking out for him. I can't wait to see pix...singapura's are just exquisite.
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Thank you Gilly - this will take a while as Tolly has taken residence on my lap and is pinning down my left arm . He is quite a size - he's a two and a half year old neuter, so not the smallest of kitties.

Thank you Mary Anne - time for those famous last words - we're stopping at 5 . Now that sounds like a bold promise to make!!!

I have some video - you'll love his yiowing Susan. At one point Tolly was yiowing away in the hall and hubby was yiowing back to him. What's worse, it sounded like they knew what they were talking about

Sunnicat - thank you

Pat - those were such kind words, thank you so much. Singapuras are adorable. He and Lily are brother and sister - although not from the same litter. They are getting along famously following their introduction at the breeder's house and hour long journey together in the car.
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Thank you Mary Anne - time for those famous last words - we're stopping at 5 . Now that sounds like a bold promise to make!!!
I said that at 3 .....
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Now...we need pictures!!
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Congratulations Beth. You know how much I love Lily. I can't wait to see pictures of this big boy.
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Originally Posted by Talon
I said that at 3 .....
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Ollyextra05 and Hope - thank you so much.

Tolly's photos are here
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That's wonderful Beth!!! Congrats! Pics please!!
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I've put some in the fur pics forum Susie http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...623#post815623
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