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no longer a kitten

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Hi guys, I've been offline for a while due to family problems, glad to be back and to read you again!
I can't help showing off the most recent picture of my favorite cat, Violetta, which is now 8-month-old and is definitely a big big cat! Here she is:

But I love my other kitties too...

See you soon

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not even when I click the red x
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Violetta is Gorgeous!!!!
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I see only a red X too.
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I can't see her either

Nice to see you posting though ...maybe she'll be on there later for me...sometimes this happens.

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There is another way to see Violetta's picture at 8 months. Go to Diana's post and click on The Growing Cats Click on Violetta's name and when the next page comes up scroll down and you will see several pictures of her and a brief description of her breed.

Diana--She is beautiful!
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No piccy here so I checked out the site - she's so beautiful!

And I feel like I've learned something, too, you're site has quite a bit of information in it, but enough pictures that I don't feel overwhelmed. Nicely done!
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Glad to have you back Diana. I have your site as one of my favorites, so I will go take a peek at Violetta.
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when I posted her, I could see her.. then she vanished.
Thank you for checking her site!

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