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Oh no, Help! :(

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The past two days one of my boys (Drew) has been throwing up. I thought maybe he had an upset tummy and that it would pass, but it hasn't. He's continually trying to throw up.. but now since he doesn't have anything in his tummy all that comes up is a foam like substance. He's also doing a weird thing with his tongue and jaw.. like if you were to put peanut butter in his mouth.. he would flick his tongue to get it off the roof of his mouth. He keeps flicking his tongue like that. I did check his mouth to see if he had any kind of blister or anything and there was nothing that I could see.

He won't eat *ANYTHING*. I've tried his favorite treats. I've tried his regular food, and I've even tried enticing him with catnip. NOTHING.

I'm getting increasingly worried and I'm starting to become a bit terrified. What could this be? My poor baby!!!

He is going to the vet FIRST thing in the morning... Anyone have any idea what this could be? My other two boys are fine. It's only Drew Bear.
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I would carefully check and see if something is caught around the back of his tongue, it sort of sounds like it, or if something is obstructing his throat-
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I agree with Hissy. I would gently check back there..

Is there an ER vet in your area? You could at least give them a call..
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Okay, well we checked the back of his throat. There isn't anything there (that we can see). I'm scared to death. He won't drink or eat. He's not meowing or purring. He's just lethargic. I can't wait for the vet to open.

I was doing a little research and vomitting is a symptom for so many things and each of the things are bad and I'm SO scared. I can't lose him.
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Do you have an er vet? there has to be one...at least call them and tell them whats going on.
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your kitten didn't get into anything around the house did he. perhaps ate something wrong. It sounds like you need to get him to a vet asap. I hope everything is okay please keep us posted.
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The mouth/tongue thing, sounds like severe nausea...Patrick does some funky lip smacking, almost chewing, and a rapid licking of his lisp, then a low cry before he throws up due to nausea (crf kitties have issues with excess stomach acid and nausea).

Please post an update after your vet visit this morning...I hope all will soon be well.
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It's a possibility that it has nothing to do with the mouth or throat. There could be a blockage further down like the entry to the stomach or in the intestines . The cat could be showing this behavior because he can't show it any other way that there's an obstruction.
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This is very scary for you and your kitty! I hope that he's okay. Please keep us posted!
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He was dropped off at 8:30 this morning at a "cat only clinic". All I can do now is pray.

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Please let us know when you have some news on your sweet Drew!
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Got news on baby boy??
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