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i just brought home a new kitten tonight.... hes 8 weeks old and his name is Zephyr! howerever my male 2 year old cat.. zeus.... well were kinda slowly introducing them but we are nervous . what is a good way to introduce them.... right now Zephry is just inside the carrier and zeus is sniffing it. Zeus isnt hissing or anything but hes looking very paranoid. his pupils are very big even tho all the lights are on in here. so hes very alert.
any suggestions
and should i be a cautious as im being???
thanks any opinions are needed asap lol !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Read this link:

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thanks very much for posting that link
i was in such a rush i didnt check around first
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That was the method I used for introducing Emma and Oliver, and it worked quite well. Patience is key!
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