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Start thinking of names please

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Tover got in with Pewter while I was at school, so now we are probably going to have baby bunnies, even though we got Tov neutered. Mike says they will all be little floppy disks!
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hmmmm, how about Pover? Tewter?
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Uh oh! Baby bunnies!! the babies will probably be grey and white right? I'll start thinkin... :confused2:

:LOL: Colby good ones
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Okay, maybe I'm being a little funny but how in the world is there going to be baby bunnies if Tover is neutered? Were you just kidding?
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MA can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Tover just got neutered a little while ago and its possible hes still 'viable' for a period of time after the surgery.
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Ohhhhhhh! Okay, I understand. Thanks
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for at least a month. But never underestimate a determined bunny, he chewed a hole in the tarp and dug underneath into her section- they were in a pen on the ground seperated by wire and pipe- but he found a way.
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I like AP's suggestions!!!
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I don't know, you don't want a rabbit to feel compelled to live up to the names Oops and Uh-oh. That seems like asking for trouble!

But I can't think of any grey-and-white things to name them after either, so I'm just NO HELP AT ALL!
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Ooooooweee!!! Ickle tiny weeny baby bunnies!!!! GIMME!!!! I'll be thinking of some names......
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Asher, Stormy, Cloudy. Those are kind of white/grey names.
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Make sure she doesn't get stessed in any way. Rabbits have the ability to absorb their young back into their body before they are born if stressed. They also will eat their babies if stressed after they are born. My grand parents raise rabbits and that is what she always told me. As a little girl I would want to go and hold the bunnies or babies but I couldn't because I would "spooke" them. Just thought it was something important to know, Larissa
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I did know that I had to keep her seperated and quiet if she has conceived, but I didn't know about bunnies reabsorbing babies back into their system if stressed. Thanks for the information
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Oooo ooo I thought of some names!!!... Kashew.... Chalky.....Charcoal....um... Peanut... ( I know I always suggest that)Hmmm.... guess I'll keep thinking!!!
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It's a natural defense for the mother rabbit. If her enviroment is not right for having the babies she will absorbe(sp) them so it is not a waste of her bodies resources.
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Oooooh, I loooove bunnies!!

I like the previous suggestions, especially, Oops, and Uh-oh.

More ideas:

On the gray theme - Shadow, Moonbeam, Mercury, Greystoke, Grey Hair/ Gray Hare,

Silver (like pweter) - Oneida, Sterling, Aggie (Ag = Silver on periodic table of elements), Fork, Knife, and Spoon, Polish, Tarnish, Service

Accident/funny names: Whoopsy Daisy, Where There's a WILL There's a Way, Out of the Hat (Hattie), Surprise,
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