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More blood in urine.

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As I posted before, Gremlin had blood in his urine, and i prescribed medicine for him.

Well, it's been 1.5 weeks of meds, and he is still urinating blood. I am taking him back to the vet tomorrow, but I was wonder what problems this could be? Meaning, it could be more then one thing, and I was wondering what all those possibilities are?

He isn't straining to urinate, and is urinating full amounts. He is still eating, drinking, and acting normal.
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What meds is he on?
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What are you feeding him? Since getting on Waltham's So, my Scaredy got over his cystitis. Scaredy also had blood in urine, altough he was peeing small amounts only and straining to urinate. I suppose it could be crystals or bladder stones. You vet needs to do urinalisis and X-rays to look for bladder stones.
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He was on diazepam to relax him and then on Baytril (clavamox gave him the runs). I just finished everything tonight, went to clean his litter box out, and there is still pink urine.

I've also started switching his food to Wysong specially for cats with bladder problems (low ph, low ash).
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I would go back to the vet ... oh and check the food with vet first just in case the otc if for healthy with a small issue cats
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Is it possible that this is not a UTI. Has your vet talked to you about interstitial cystitis or idiopathic cystitis? I would have another urinalysis done and if there are no crystals or evidence of infection perhaps you should discuss other possibilities with your vet.
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Your vet may also want to have a culture performed on the urine in case there is a resistant bacterial infection.
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Some UTI's don't respond to antibiotics.And for some cats, dry cat food, in any form,even vet prescribed, will prevent this from correcting itself. Sometimes a cat will not drink enough water to offset the dry food. Cranberry extract capsules have been found to be very corrective for this and can work well even with any medication the vet may prescribe.
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There is one caution I would give re using cranberry (for everyone reading this) - be very sure there is no early kidney failure here (which your vet will perhaps already checked for), as cranberry is very acidifying, and kitties with kidney failure already tend toward acidosis..it is not wise to use this with them. (from feline crf.org)
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Before I started giving my fur babies ANYTHING I would want an expert opinion, i.e., vet.

I certainly wouldn't want to give them something and make them worse and I seriously believe that NOBODY can diagnose what is wrong with your cat by reading a post.

Please take your kitty to be looked at by a professional.

Pat and Alix are wonderful for recommending non-threatening things you can do until you can get to your vet.
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I just got back from the 3 time at the vet. I didn't bring Gremlin as it is impossible to get a urine sample from him.

They gave me non absorbant litter so I can get a sample myself.

Now if I can keep these guys apart.

I feel like a bad mom when I split them up and have Grem in a different room (he is the resident cat).
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I dropped off the urine sample yesterday.

I went home on my lunch today to find him throwing up on my bed.
Is there any slight way this could possibly be related?
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