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Timid Cat

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Hi There I visited here the other day regarding my new Kitty. I got him from the shelter a week ago. His name is Buddy and he is about 4 -5 months old. He got a clean bill of health from the vet. But he is very very timid. Since I got him he doesn't really play. Only a little in the night. Otherwise he only sleeps. He doesn't even run away from my 6 year old and 2 year old daughters. I am teaching them how to treat him, but sometimes they might pick him up in the wrong way, and he does nothing. He just seems really docile and depressed. There just doesn't seem to be a spark to him. He has no interest in his cat toys except his cat dancer, which he might bat at with his paw for a minute and then walks away. He is eating and using the litterbox okay. He was neutered a week ago, but he should be back to his self by now. He is very loving, but just seems depressed. Could this be his disposition, or is there maybe something else going on with him. It just doesn't seem normal to me for a kitten.
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Well, it's only been a week, he's still stressed out from being in a new place. As long as he's eating, drinking, and littering fine, I'd just let him be until he wants to come to you. And I'd especially keep him away from the kids until he's ready for them. It may be that he's a quiet and timid cat, but more likely he's still adjusting and it's just too much for right now. Give him some more time.
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I agree its likely that he is just a quiet and timid cat.

My Cedar was exactly the same when we brought him home. A year later he is still timid, but he plays and runs around and does all 'normal' cat things.

I agree that you just need to give Buddy a bit more time. A week isnt a long time considering what he has been through the past week. He will come out of his shell in his own time. Good luck and keep us updated
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Thank You, I will keep you posted. I am giving him plenty of love, which he seems to desperately want.
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good luck and congrats on your new kitty
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