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Comfy Earrings

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I have been having trouble with my upper set of earring wholes. One problem I have been told is that since I am not wearing earrings, it is allowing the skin to cut off the "flow" so to speak and allowing dead skin etc to get in the holes. I have been looking for a "stud" type pair of earrings that I can wear even while sleeping - but the clutch backs tend to poke me when I have my head on a pillow. I was looking on ebay (I love ebay!) and I see some barbell studs that are made for tongue studs. They look like they would fit the bill - but I don't know if they would be too long.

Any ideas?
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Have you tried the clear rubber backs? http://www.jewelrysupply.com/EJS/earbacks2.htm

Of course, if you are wearing really small studs/diamonds/gold balls these backs might be too big for the posts. They are more comfy though than the butterfly clutch. I find that with me it's usually the posts themselves that seem to poke into my neck . You might give them a try, though
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If you want somerhing like the tongue jewelry that are the right length, try labret studs. They have a flat back, and you can get them in 1/4 inch, which is perfect for ears.
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I wear hoops that are comfy. My mother had a small pair in her 2nd holes that were small and kind of snaped together. They were small enough that they kind of sat right against her earlob so they didn't get caught on things. She never used to take them out at all.
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I would go with the rubber backs.

Until my upper piercings healed, I used those. Now, I don't wear earrings to bed.
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I always take off my earrings before bed. I can't sleep with them on.
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I keep tiny little hoops in the top three holes on each ear.
Seriously tiny, like as big around as the opening of a ball point pen cap.
Barbels would work, but the ones for tongues are far too long, and the gauge is usually far too big for a normal ear piercing hole.

If you go to a tattoo parlor that has a piercer on site, they may have barbels in smaller gauge and shorter that would work.
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I received my 1/4 inch 16G barbell (eyebrow) studs today. I love them!!!!!

Thanks for the suggestion!
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Yay! Glad you found something that would work.
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Well, it sounds like you have a solution, but I just thought I'd say that I also just have hoops. They stay in by clasping a little ball. They're hard to put in sometimes, but I've only had the ball pop out accidently once, and it was a time when I almost had my ear ripped off. They're very comfy, and I have different colored balls that I can change out to suit my mood.
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Those are captive bead rings. I wear them, also. I just nver take mine out. They are 10 gauge, and are hard to get the beads in and out.
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