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Well.... uh.... I had my first lap dance last night??? I think...

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It might have been my second... but I think I might have repressed the memories of the first one... though I dont think this one will go quite as easily...

See... my mom's boyfriend's brother got married last night Now... every reception has beer....... everyone gets drunk yes.... but this is wisconsin ok.. we go beyond drunk here. Normal drunk is sober to put it mildly. Not that I drink, I cant stand the stuff. I tried a tiny bit of champagne last night and it was like liquid crap and vomit set on fire. Gross. So, as usual, I was the unofficial wedding photographer because I am good at it. Besides I dont dance. Nu. I do not dance ever. I sit on the sides and tap my foot.. I can slow dance... and I can line dance... but not regular dance. So it was getting later... about midnight or so... and someof the friends of the groom (he's only 25) were dancing with pitchers of beer in their hands (yah) and basically everyone was getting really wild. So I went outside on the porchish place (they rented a bar type place by a lake) and I sat in one ofthe metal chairs and talked to the other people out there (my mom was outside socializing) suddenly Matt, my mom's boyfriend's cousin... came outside and was talking to people. For some reason he must have thought I was unhappy or bored because the next thing I know there was a khaki colored bum right next to me and the next thing I knew it was thrust in my direction. I was like... um.... ok... *cough* It was amusing but still kind of weird. Can that be considered a lap dance?? I dont know. It was awkward. Anyways yeah. Weddings are fun. People dance so funny.This one guy got on his knees on the floor and pretended to be playing a piano when it came up in a song.... I was also harrassed to go ask if they had the hokey pokey (there was a DJ) on ly to find out about four other people had gone and asked because this person who asked me to ask continuously asked everyoen (including her mother) to ask fo rthe hokey pokey (because she was very drunk) (in the end actually she and some others just sang it themselves which was hilarious) yeah. Thats my tale of a lap dance. I think Matt did that before but Like I said I think the memory is repressed a bit. Not that he is ugly.. its just kind of traumatizing.... Um... I dont suppose any one else would have some lap dance stories? Maybe some funky wedding stories?

Everyone had rides home and stuff by non-drunk people so no worries there.
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congrats on your first lap dance!!!

sounds like my kinda night!

...to be a fly on the wall... watching a crowd of inebriated people do the hokey pokey sounds hilarious!

i am glad everyone got home safely!
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My sweetie gives me lap dances all the time, just being silly. We were at a party and at the time we were in the room alone, so he starts doing his thing. We heard some giggling, turned around, and there were 5 or 6 of my girlfriends standing there. They all started clapping and holding up dollars. It was hilarious! Bear in mind that this is a 6'1 heavily tattooed, 240 lb. shaved headed biker that looks like he would eat small children for breakfast. Dances pretty well, too!
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Hahahah sounds great! I hate to admit it, but I'm normally the dancer! I was intending to do something really wicked for my other half's birthday this year seeing as I missed the big 3-0 *cough*. I'm going to go find a photographer and have some naughty photographs taken, and then I'm going to take him out to a strip club and buy him a lapdance You think that will go down well?
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BOM: Sounds like a wild and crazy time! Sometimes its nice to have a bum in your face..sometimes not..Depends who owns it ...This is not the first time I have heard that Wisconians (Wisconites? Wisconitarians??) LOVE their beer..What do they put in the stuff down there?

Lillekat: I think that likely the lap dance will go over well ...Or ask for a picture to be taken with the Feature Dancer..She can let it be taken with her clothes on or off...I prefer on as their outfits are so pretty and sparkly..but that's just me..
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