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Adult Cat & New Puppy

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I have a cat that is 6 years old and my roommate wants to get a puppy. My cat is an indoor cat, she never goes outside, and she is generally afraid of new people/objects in the house. She's pretty tempramental, when I lived at my Mom's house and the house was on the market, she'd throw up whenever people came to view the house. So, I took her to live with me when I moved out and now she's back to normal. What kind of behavior should I be aware of and how can I make this transition go as smoothly as possible?
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You will want to keep the two seperated except for supervised (puppy on leash) encounters. Your best bet is to stress to your roomate to obedience train puppy and once that is done, even though puppy is exhuberant and wants to play with cat, pup knows the down and stay command means just that. Many people think puppies can't learn from the beginning, but they can. My husband and I do obedience training for German Shepherds and in classes oftentimes, we hear, "But he's so young" Any pup can learn if they are taught correctly. Give pup's blanket to kitty to investigate the smell and vice versa. Good luck
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Id like to add that it is wise to invest in a crate or kennel for the puppy. Not only will is aide in the house training, but it will also give the puppy a place to be while the cat investigates. This way the cat will feel safe since the puppy cant get to her. Most cats will adjust really well. Out of my 12, there's only one who is persistant on beating the dog up
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