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Jillian's Beans are here...

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We'll Jillian went into labor on the 18th & had 3 kittens & then stopped contracting. We knew she had 4 kittens Because she had 2 ultrasounds to confirm her safety for birth. We'll we ended up taking her in for an oxytocin shot which didn't work, So they did an x-ray and the last kitten was laying sideways across her spine at which time the vet said the kitten was dead. So they said C-section was our best bet. I left her there with her 3 kittens & asked the vet to call as soon as the surgery was over, Because I wasn't going to be sleeping until she was safe. They said the worst that they could see happening was a spay, Big deal I wanted my cat to be ok so spaying wasn't terrible. I got home and got the phone call an hour later with good news and bad...Jillian had passed away after surgery But the kitten was alive . Jillian was my cew persian. So I quickly went to pick up the babies & Jilli, With her first three kittens being blue & white & dilute calico, and the vet not telling me the color of her 4th, They told me she left me a gift. They uncovered the babies and there snuggled in with it's siblings was an all white kitten... Thank Goodness for them keeping me so busy. They are eating wonderful but I did change their formula from kmr to just born & now they have bloody diarhea right after the switch, I am so scared to lose any of them & the vet said it was probably just change in diet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really appreciate it.
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First....I am so sorry about Jillian!! I don't know what to recommend for the diarhea but hopefully Gaye or Mary Anne will be on later and can provide you with further information.


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How sad to lose Jillian, I'm so sorry. Hopefully, you can get some good advice and keep those sweet babies healthy!
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Thank you for the replies, I am real worried about these special babies, They are still very active & feed well. I just know how fast they can dehydrate & I promised Jilli I would take care of them....
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Changing formulas so quickly is probably the culprit. Talk with your vet in the morning and see what he recommends as far as bringing them in if necessary.

I am sorry to hear of your loss. It is heartbreaking to lose a precious kitty companion - there is a candle burning brightly on my mantle this evening in remembrance of your special Jilli. Sending peaceful, healing light and positive energy your way.
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Gayef, Thank You So Much for Honoring Jilli in such a way. I appreciate the advice. I've read tons & tons But I still have that worry about the babies. I have consulted my vet the minute it happened, They call every day as Jillian was a favorite there, She touched everyone who knew her. I haven't had it happen again through the night or this morning, so fingers crossed.. They Look so much bigger today, I am so lucky to have them at all, She left us such a special gift... Thanks again for all your support! Dawnde & Family
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I am so sorry for your loss of Jillian. But right now you are doing a fantastic job keeping going for hte kittens' sake. I wish you all the best with them.
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Any luck in finding a nursing queen to feed them?
To take the pressure off you at this sad and stressful time.
They look adorable
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I am so sorry to hear about Jillian...poor little girl. That just breaks my heart. But it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with her babies and I'm sure she's there in spirit watching over you all. Good luck and keep us posted!

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I am so sorry that you lost Jillian. Best of luck with those tiny babies. They sure are cute, and the fact that they are gaining weight already is a very good sign! May they continue to grow and thrive under your loving care!
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My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of grief and joy.
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Why did you take them off KMR? It is the best I'd put them back on it ASAP read the ingrediance First Born is not very good also call around to the shelters and try to find a mama cat, you could foster her. Please keep us posted.
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While I agree that the KMR is the better choice for the babies, I don't think changing them back at this time is indicated. Any change to diet should always be made gradually over a two to three week period of time in older cats and in kittens no changes should be made at all until it is time to begin introducing them to solid kitten food.

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Sorry to hear about Jillian I will be thinking of you and the babies, and I wish them all the best
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I only changed them to Just born because we could not locate any KMR, Our vet was closed & that is where we got the first can. I didn't know just born wasn't good, My husband spent 3 hours scavaging stores for the kmr because we didn't want to irritate their little systems, They are all I have left from Jilli so I have tried to do everything just right. I don't want to bring in a foster that may harbor any germs that could harm these babies or my other animals, I am picking up Jillian's grandmother tonight to rear them emotionally & to give them the mothering they soo much need & deserve. But I will still be doing the feedings. There was still a bit of blood in the little white baby boy's bm this morning but now it looks to be taking form and isn't real runny. Thanks for all your good thoughts & Kind words they are all appreciated. Have a wonderful day, Dawnde & Family
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Aww, so sorry to hear about Jillian, and it is so good that you have taken over being mum, you do sound like you are doing a good job. Am sure they are very precious to you.
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Just an update, Babies are doing very well, The vet checks in every day & says they are doing great, We had 2 purring yesterday . They are still very active & are just lovely. I will put on more pics as they grow, Thanks for all your support. Dawnde & Family
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They must be such a comfort to you after all you went through.
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