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How did you quit smoking?

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Help me please!!! I want to quit smoking, I don't know how to start. Any ex-smokers out there with GREAT advice on how to quit?
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The patch for 6 weeks, lots of carrots and celery (for the hand/mouth boredom thing) and lots of willpower!!. That was 7 years it worked for me!
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Wow!! 7 - Years ago...Good for YOU!!

Husband & I are going to give the stop-smoking thing a try in early October. Going to be a rough one for both of us.
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I drank a lot of grapfuit juice. I friend who was quitting too said it helps flush out toxins from your body. Idid find it helped take away cravings
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I finished a pack one day and just didn't buy another. For some reason, I don't form addictions. The only real problem I had was the oral fixation thing, which seems to be I popped an Altoid mint or sucked on a sucker every time I felt the urge.
Good luck with quitting!! You will feel SOOO much better after you do.
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I had to spend a few days in the hospital. Can you believe it? They don't let your smoke there ! Anyway I thought what a great time not to pick that habit back up . That was two years ago. I thought I would really go crazy but it wasn't that bad. I would change your habits a little, i.e. if you have a cigarette after dinner, etc. - go in another room and start crocheting or doing something else with your hands, scrapbrook or anything crafty. Or hop in the tub and read - anything to break what your normal pattern has been
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I haven't smoked in a week because I've had a nasty cold/sinus infection. It took away my desire to smoke so I just decided to quit. I'm feeling better so now I'm getting urges to smoke, but haven't, even while being around a smoker. I've been drinking almost a gallon of water and juices a day, and I think that also really helped me be able to quit.
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Good for you!!
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I started exercising. It was something I'd always wanted to do but I would lose my breath too easily. Once I stopped smoking, my lung capacity slowly returned and I could breathe again. It was like a 600 pound man had been lifted off of my chest! Now, I can't imagine not being able to work out and I can't imagine ever being a smoker again. I did TWO good things for myself.
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My other half went cold turkey. He's not touched a cigarette in a whole 50 days now - I'm so proud of him! He gave up so that I woudln't have to live with the smoke. He does occasionally use the gum, but usually only when he's stressed out. He said the best thing was to keep his hands occupied - writing is good, and he's another one who's eaten a lot of carrot sticks too. Long may it continue! Good luck!
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I don't have any advice because I've never smoked; I just want to say good for you!
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I don't have any advice really...I just decided to quit one day and I did (7 weeks and counting ). All I can say is when you are really ready to quit then you can do it and not think twice!
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I quit almost 9 years ago because my hubby hated it and I really wanted to end up with him...worked as well.

What worked for me other than the above was to keep busy and after a while I just didn't think about it anymore. I took up cross-stitching, pc games (also hubby's influence) and bought a lot of new books to read.

Good luck
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I had a car accident and was on alot of tablets and smoking with them didnt go down too well, so i had no choice !

I also had an experience of patches and i put one on for people that smoked 60 a day and it really made me feel ill. So they do work

lara x x
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