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This week on the No More Homeless Pets Forum:

August 22-26 Animal Introductions: Are you adding a new foster or permanent companion to your animal family? Want to facilitate peaceful relations among free-roaming shelter residents? Emily Weiss, Ph.D., CAAB of Meet your Match makes it easy!

You can send your questions and comments now through Thursday evening to And please include your first name when you write in, so that credit can be given if your submission--which may be edited for brevity or clarity--is posted!

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In addition, there are several pertinent links to this topic from Best Friends' Caring for Your Pets section. They are:

Introduction from Dr Emily Weiss:
Introducing a new animal into a family can be a difficult and stressful process for all involved. Most rescues, shelters and sanctuaries have processes for introductions, but do they work? Are there protocols that can be used to assist clients who are adding a pet? How can a shelter or sanctuary safely choose which animals should live together in the shelter? Will it cause stress? Will it increase or decrease the likelihood of adoption?

This week, we will focus on all sorts of animal introductions – both in homes and in shelters. I strongly encourage general philosophical and procedural questions regarding the subject. If you submit a question regarding a particular situation in the home or shelter, please be sure to explain the history of the issue, what the problem is, what has been done to resolve it thus far, the ages and breeds of the animals involved, and any other information that you think may be helpful.

Dr. Emily Weiss' Bio:
Emily Weiss, Ph.D., certified applied animal behaviorist, has dedicated her life to developing positive, humane animal behavior programs in order to make life better for all creatures. She divides her time among improving welfare for animals in shelters, companion animals, and zoo animals.

She developed the SAFER test, an aggression test now used by shelters across the United States. Dr. Weiss also created the Matchmaker program, or Meet Your Match, an adoption program designed to match dog to guardian based on behavior. She has developed programs to reduce stress and improve interaction with wild-caught animals housed in zoos.

Dr. Weiss is on the board of directors of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, and is section editor of the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. She travels across the country lecturing on various areas of applied animal behavior, works with individual clients nationwide, and is the animal behavior consultant for the Wisconsin Humane Society, the Kansas Humane Society, and many others.

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