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Naughty Sahara!

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For the past couple of days Sahara has been running out the door everytime someone opens it! The worst part about this is just when I get close enough to grab her, she speeds off and I'm grabbing at air. Yesterday I was crawling around in peoples yards and under their cars trying to get her to chase the lazer to me. Last night we had company over with kids and they were in and out the door and she ran out every time. I put her in my daughter's bedroom and she howled and was jumping on the door, sliding down it with her claws, leaving big long DEEP scratches all the way down it So today she's sporting a brand new collar(it's a safety collar with elastic sides) with her indentification tags, so if she gets out again when I'm not home, and someone finds her, they will know who's she is.
She absolutely hates it! She's been rolling around on the floor trying to grab the tags and jumping straight up in the air. I hate putting a collar on her, but I want her to be safe
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Better to be safe than sorry, with her running out all the time it's best she is wearing the collar
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I know what a dangerous situation that is! Joey & JC had that habit, too, but the I decided to use the "chicken cure". I started letting my hens out in the afternoons, and would give them snacks preceded by a "pik,pik,pik" call. In a couple of days, the hens would come literally stampeding, flapping & squawking, whenever they heard the call. So when JC or Joey would bolt out a door, or acted as if they were going to, I'd use the call & they'd be met by a flock of hens stampeding toward them. They'd run back in so fast. Now, the cats look before just dashing out, which gives me time to close the door unless we're taking them outside for an airing or a walk.
I suppose you could figure out some other kind of discouragement instead of hens, but I should think that it couldn't be too scary (like loud noises, etc) because you certainly don't want Sahara to learn to absolutely panic if she gets outside, either.
Meanwhile, the collar is a good idea. My vet discourages them, even the flex ones, cuz we live in a very brushy, rural area and any collar can get caught or tangled at some point. I'm interested to see what other ideas come your way! This is a common problem, all right, and many of us will benefit from this post. Thanks for starting this thread!! Susan
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I heard a suggestion of the behavior board, I think it was from Hissy. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and set it near the door, but keep it unplugged. When someone opens the door, you are on the other side of the room and plug in the vacuum, causing a sudden loud noise near the door. Kitty doesn't associate it with you, but with the door opening.

I used to keep a broom near my back door, where we go in and out. My kits always run from the broom. So before opening the door, I would just sweep vigorously for a few moments, and the kits would scatter!
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tehehe love the hen idea!

to bad i am scared of chickens lol

vac one works! we used it here..no one bothers with the door anymore..but LG
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I love the hen solution too! My parents had hens but havent in a while, so I'd have to wait on that idea! The vacuum is another great idea! And yes, she's scared to death of it as are all my cats. To see them run and panic, you'd think I've never vacuumed before, LOL! I'll try that immediately! Someone let her out again about an hour ago without me knowing it(I cant be the door police 24 hours a day!) It was all of a sudden I had a feeling she wasnt in the house, went looking, and saw my nasty neighbors kids were carrying her around, and she was very content...like she was home! She can be very sociable, and that's what I'm afraid about! Thanks for the ideas!
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love the hens idea,but living in an up stairs flat in london i dont think it would be welcome around here luckily if any of mine get out the front door theres a security door normally closed,id hate it for my neighbours staff terrier to get hold of them.
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Ah! The hens are certainly a unique solution! Wish I could have a few here, but we have "urban raccoons" and I'm afraid they'd be fodder without a henhouse built somewhat along the lines of Fort Knox.

Unfortunately my two boys seem to think the vacuum cleaner is a toy ... I would have a couple of weird one ...
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Getting her spayed will help as well. Make sure she has a window perch she can lay on and watch outside,that helps, so does a nice, sturdy cat condo.
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I've already got 3 window perches, a 2 story cat condo with 2 different top level perches And yes, getting her spayed will help alot! I feel she's to young yet at only around 10 weeks old, I usually like to wait until they are 14- 15 weeks before I have them spayed.

She out here with me sitting on her window perch and keeps meowing at me in a little choppy whine....what a cutie!
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