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A few problems with Buddy & Roxy...

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Hi all,

My two cats don't like each other much so they have separate food and water dishes. However, Roxy has a weight problem and Buddy does not. Buddy (who appeared on our doorstep as a stray last year) can go outside and run around for exercise but Roxy can't because she is an indoor cat (from the SPCA) and was declawed when I got her (can't defend herself). The problem is that I need to limit Roxy's food, but Buddy eats responsibly and gets lots of exercise so I don't think I should limit his. If I measure them both, she will eat all of hers and then start on his food. If I put the dishes out of their reach I forget to put them back down or back up again. It's hard to keep her out of his food dish, even when it's only on the floor for a few minutes! Any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on how they can get along better, or is it a lost cause? Thanks!!

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Hi Tigergirl,
I am with you, but for different reasons. My cats also have separate feeding bowls (they are also new to each other), but Cassie is an "eat-at-leisure" cat and Napoleon has a "last meal" mentality for his food. He is also skinnier and more hyper than she is as she is very laid back. My question is similar but with a twist -- how do I keep him out of her food?

I don't have any suggestions except to maybe give then different kinds of food? Although that doesn't help me either because he will eat ANYTHING even the wet food that gives him an upset tummy .

Any feedback for Tiger Girl and for me?? Thanks for posting!
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I would consider a Neko Feeder
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Wow, I had no idea that this kind of thing existed! That's really cool. Out of my price-range, but cool. Something to keep in mind or ask for at Christmas time. Thanks!
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