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Perfume - What is your favorite?

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My favorite is... well I don't know, I really don't have a fav - I am looking for one though - so I thought I'd see what other cat owners noses liked.
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I love the Vanilla perfume from The Body Shop. It's the only one I own!!
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Oh my...well thats a loaded question..

I think my all time favs are

Cool Water for Women for a light scent
Rare Gold by Avon for a Heavy scent

but i also really LOVE the following

Emporio Armani
Armani Mania

Spendy I know. but my aunt works for ralph Lauren so i get them free tehehe.
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i had a favourite called Lanvin, but now i dont like it anymore
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I have a couple that I "rotate" through

In the summer, I wear a fragrance called "Clean"--you can find it on sephora.com
Its nice, fresh, almost a little soapy smelling. Makes you smell, well, very clean. Not too floral or sweet.

I've also been wearing Gap's "orange blossom" lately--reminds me of good old FL, my homestate.

In the winter, I wear Burberry Brit--clean smelling still but stronger than my summer fragrances. A little fruity, a little jasmin-y. Quite delightful.

Also, I have a Bulgari fragrance just called "Bulgari Por Femme" that I wear for special occasions, if I'm really getting fanced up (so, needless to say, I don't wear it that often). Its sort of crisp and "green" smelling, lots of verbena. Its still not overwhelming but its more "dramatic" than my everyday stuff.

I also have a bottle of Demeter's Honeysuckle fragrance that smells just like honeysuckles. I wear that on occasion as well.
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I don't have one. I don't wear any. It's not that I don't like perfumes, but oh, do they ever give me such bad heacaches! I can't even be around anyone with any on either.
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I love sugary sweet, vanilla type or musky smells.

My currents are:
Amorita - Body Shop
Pink Sugar - Aqualina
Angel as a backup (but it reminds me of life in 1995 so I barely wear it).
Crystal Noir - Versace (on special occasions).

I had another one I was wearing in Saudi which was sooooo nice, and then I ran out and can't find it over here in North America. It's called "Wish" by Chopard.
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My all time fav is Tommy Girl

I also like all the body mists that the Gap makes and I used to love one called Herbal Bliss by Realto..but you can't buy it anymore
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I like Hope and Interlude by Francis Denney as a Perfume , Other then that I like midnight path from bath and body works as a light sent, and some
of there other kinds. I don't like fruity smells, like melon I don't wanna smell like fruit
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Chanel perfumes suit me best. I've tested many others over the years, but always return to Chanel.

I like to wear Chance during the day, and Allure in the evening.
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Lolita Lempicka is my favorite.

I also love Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson! Anyone else remember that??
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my fav perfume is estee lauder.Beautiful. got a bottle of it christmas and ive used 1/2 of it,but u only need on tiny dab of it,lasts all day. (gets charlies motor running when i wear that)
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Eau de Cocoa! (I made that one up.)

Faves have been Avon's Honeysuckle and then there was Jontue - which I found had a honeysuckle base. I "scents" a pattern here!
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Oh my favourite subject!

The one i wear for work is Rive Gauche by YSL or in the summer CKOne

When i go out it's one of the following:

Flower by Kenzo

Gucci Rush by Gucci

Aromatics by Clinique

CoCo by Chanel

CoCo Madamoiselle by Chanel
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Choosing just one is impossible...

I have more parfumes than I do socks!!

The ones I wear most often though are:

RL- Romance
Moschino- I Love Love
Lulu- Guinness
Victoria's Secret- Divine
Versace- Woman
Salvatore Ferregamo- Incanto Dream
Diesel- Zero Plus

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My absolute favorite perfume is Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder. I ADORE this stuff. I always get compliments while I'm wearing it! It's such a light, fun, pretty scent...it's just the best!!!
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ode De Toilet, or whatever it's called.
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Tabu is my fav.
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I actually don't wear perfume..
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I can't wear perfume anymore.
Usually though I'll dab some (real) vanilla on if I need a scent.

When I could wear perfume I wore Opium, last time I bought any it was $55 for 1/8oz. ouch!
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For a long time I've only worn Freesia from Bath & Body Works. Everything else gives me a terrible headache. I would like to try the Beyond Paradise, though. I smelled it and loved it!
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For me its Romance, one of the very few that doesn't give me terrible headaches.
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I love perfume but living in the SF bay area you can't really wear it much anymore, it's sort of shunned. But I love Ysati a lot. Mostly now I just bath oils.
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I like Bath & Body Works Vanilla Sugar...it's a light body spray, so it doesn't have a really strong smell. I can't stand the strong scents that perfumes use...I have to have something lighter.
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I like the Demeter fragrences-simple, light, one or two notes. Anything really complicated or with lots of musk triggers a migraine. I have:
Gin and Tonic
Grapefruit Tea
Dulce de Leche (caramel-vanilla)
Orange Creamsicle

I also have a blackberry/sage perfume oil I got from a local herb shop. I've been wearing that this summer.
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My staples are:

Beyond Paradise

I have several yummy bath gels and lotions
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I love my Design. I also bought Dark Vanilla last winter and it smells very good too. I don't really buy the expensive ones anymore, but I used to love Perry Ellis.
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I only have one perfume for those rare occasions that I splash some on.

Anna Sui - cute bottle and smells so nice, nothing overpowering.
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GAP Pink, but the scent doesn't last long enough
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Originally Posted by okeefecl
Dulce de Leche (caramel-vanilla)
Orange Creamsicle
Do tell which company - they sound divine and right up my alley!
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