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I had the weirdest dream last night!

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So, yeah, weird dream.

I dreamed that we lived in this huge, weird building with this enormous atrium in the lobby--almost looked like a hotel. We don't, of course!
Apparently my two kitties as well as all the other kitties in the building were escaping their homes to come down to the atrium to socialize, and so I had to go down to the atrium and round them up and bring them back, but when I got down there there were all of these black and white kitties and I couldn't tell which one was Olly and which one was Emma! I started to freak out about it a little and then woke up.

Apparently I have cat-related anxiety! Weird.
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Hmmm, I usually have happy cat dreams. I wonder what yours means...Anyone here at TCS have a copy of Zolar's Dream Dictionary??? I'd really like to hear the interpretation.
I usu. don't care for the psychology ones - that maybe you're feeling like you're pulled in both directions by your cats needing too much of your attentions; you felt that your mother favored your sister over you; you want more affection in your life so you desire unlimited cats, blah,blah,blah..... I like the symbolic interpretations much better, esp. when it means money & good fortune!! Didn't see any overflowing cat boxes, by any chance? excrement means money....
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Nope, the dream was poop-free. LOL. I suspect its just generalized anxiety about an upcoming move and a new year of grad school breathing down my neck...
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Moving AND Grad School!! Yikes! I'd be having nightmares
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Maybe it was a kitty hotel and you were just there
I never sleep long enough at one time to have a dream
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Well here's my scary kitty dream.

I had a dream one time that this HUGE snake slithered into my bed with me....and he ate my cat. And when I woke up I reached to pet my kitty and felt scales..and when I looked that snake raised it's head and hissed at me!! Then I woke up and hugged my baby!!
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My dreams are always long and complicated, with lots of detail. They are fun though. lots and lots of fun. I love my dreams. I had a cool one last night but I forgot it I was kind of mad about that because sometimes I think about stuff before I go to sleep, and my dreams usually help to kind of tell me what to do. Oh well... maybe I'll have another dream tonight that can help me eh?

There was a thread that someone started (diane I think was the username) and she has been interpreting names but Its hidden in this forum on the backpages.

Hm... but not being able to know which cat was yours? Hm.... maybe it means something like you have a decision to make that is inportant and yhou dont know which path to take?
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My Joji never lets me finish a dream (good or bad). She wakes me up in the middle of them. Maybe we share the same dream? That'll be cool!
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