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Why it is better to have cats than birds ...

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Cats don't talk back!

Murphy/bird: Let me out!
Me: Not right now.
Murphy/bird: DAMMIT!

Forunately it is the only cuss word they know - first time I have heard her say it though. Usually it is Harley yelling "Dammit Harley!"
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That's so funny!
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LOL both of mine talk, but the Macaw mumbles thankfully.
Abby though has a few swear words, usually said quitely under the cage cover.
Sometimes though she'll get to screaming while I'm sitting here, I'll just say "Abby...."
She'll look at me, make herself look really tall and yell "You be quiet!"
Something I'm sure she learned from getting yelled at by a former owner.
Her yelling it is cute though.
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My macaw is the best talker in the house - next are the two greys. The cockatoo talks quite a bit, but in a two year olds kind of voice. Haven't a clue as to what he is saying most of the time - but he looks at you for a response.
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That is so cool!!, I've never had a bird as a pet. I hear that those types of birds can live to 80 years?
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Talon has the longer living birds
My macaw has a potential lifespan of 70 years, my Quaker potentially 30, though the oldest in captivity lived to be at least 40, dunno if he still lives.
Generally the larger the bird, the longer lived.
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Is Murphy practicing to be a teenager???
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I'm in love with parrots. I would like to get a Grey, but am unsure when that's going to happen.
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That's too funny!!
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Man, don't tell ME they don't know what they're saying !
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Originally Posted by catsknowme

Is Murphy practicing to be a teenager???
She is 10 years old - so yep, she sure could be!
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Oh! LOL! That made my day!
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haha thats so cool!
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i want one of those birds that talk! it would be awsome!
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They are cool to have, but a pain in the tushy to care for. The vet is expensive, the food is expensive (no seed diets here!) and they are the messiest creatures! Definately no neat freak should own a bird. But if you can handle all that - go for it!
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That is entirely cute! And would be a laugh riot when company is over!

I have always wanted a Quaker but as Talon said, the upkeep is enormous for birds...And the lifespan of the larger guys deter me...You need to have someone you would entrust their care to when you are gone...How strange it would be to have a pet outlive you!!
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