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new-born kitten has rashes

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I have a kitten that seems to have some kind of a disease. He has a roundish, hairless, scaly spot on his neck. I have no clue what it is and I'm getting a bit scared. He seems to be the only one in the litter to have it. He is a bit smaller then the rest of the kittens and weaker. I have to feed him myself because the queen can't feed them all. He doesn't seem to be growing as fast as the others. I wish I could take him to the vet, but sadly I don't have money for it. I'm hoping that I can help him without having to pay huge vet bills. Does anyone know what he has, and how to cure it?
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Sounds very much like he has ringworm. He really needs a vet to find out and if he has it, chances are the others have it as well. You need to find the money because if it is ringworm and he does have it, than you, your family members and the other kittens are at risk.

No one said raising kittens is not expensive, but this needs to be checked out.
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But who could he have gotten them from? The mother cat is the only cat that's been around him, and she doesn't have ringworms.
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Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin and just because you cannot see it on the mother does not mean that she doesn't have it. This ~really~ is something for a vet to assess and treat.

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Babies and the immunocompramised are the most at risk for ringworm. I would get this under control fast- it spreads like wildfire- to EVERYONE!
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