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Ripley is an 'it'

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Yippee - my boy is now an 'it'!
His appt went well and he was sooooo happy to see me and his dad come and get him. Little paws sitcking out from the carrier and mewing all the way home. What a great personality that guy has. He never even slowed down - romped all over the place last night despite my best efforts to have him be quiet! My old kitty Baby, sat funny for a few days afterwards - but not Rip! He put his tail up and showed everyone what he no longer has!
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I'm glad Ripley was doing so well right after being neutered!!
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So glad to hear that surgery went well and that he has bounced back so quickly.
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It sounds like he is showing off his "battle scars" so that mommy will be proud of how brave he was!
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YEY!!! What good news Deb!!
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I'm happy everything went well!
Give him hugs and kisses from me!

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That's great news Piddles...more hugs and kisses sent his way...yours too! :laughing2 :laughing2

Squoosh, squoosh!
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Hugs and smooches given from you all. Thanks and meow to you all and I mean OW from 'Rip the it'!
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I'm really glad to hear everything went so well for him.
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How wonderful that he's feeling like himself so quickly!

And what a good responsible catmama you are, too!
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Thanks - I just love my little guy to pieces....(and the rest of the herd too!)
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Ahh.... I'm so glad little Ripley made it out of Surgery okay.
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