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Feliway & urination

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My primary question was whether anyone knew of cat's having bad reactions to Feliway, like an allergy? I haven't tried it yet, I'm just curious

I am moving into a new place with my three angels and I feel like this would be an excellent new start for Spiderman the pee-er. Because I've ALWAYS had cats that had behavioral unrination problems, it simply doesn't register as problematic as much because I'm so used to it, like it's part of the joy of being a cat momma .

Here's the breakdown. Spidey (4 y/o male) only pees on my stuff, even though he's really my boyfriends cat (it would at least be fair if he'd pee on daddy's things too!). He is doing it more lately (he's scheduled for a vet appointment) but not a lot. I have 2 boxes, so I know I should consider another box, but I use Yesterdays News, which mine love, but might he want a finer grained litter? Any suggestions for brand? And is it okay to use 2 different litters (keeping YN for 2 boxes and using the other in a third)?

The kitties have all lived together a year and get along well now, but this all really only started when Spidey moved in. That we know of, he never did this before we moved in together. He comes from a momma where 3 other cats in the litter have had serious urinary tract problems, but he never has shown signs of that, we keep a close eye. They eat a mix of Iam hairball and Special Care UT, all dry.

Sorry for the super long post. Given the situation, is there hope we can help him break the habit. I can deal if he doesn't, but it would be a nice change!
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I would imagine that spidey is fighting a urinary tract infection. Have the vet do a needle draw as that is the most accurate test for this problem. You moving with him will likely pull him into another bout of peeing out of the box. It could be behavioral, but ruling out a health issue first is always wise.
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Absolutely, the babies all have to go in for their rabies boosters and check-ups this month...I think I'll just take them all in and have all potential problems be addressed at once.
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