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toe/paw pad bleeding

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We have taken our cat to the vet twice about his foot. The inside toe pad of his left foot was bleeding after he cleaned it. This had gone on off and on for some time and had gotten worse. The vet cleaned it, put tissue glue on it and bandaged it to beyond the bend in his leg. Then she put one of those awful collars on him. The collar had to go since he ran up the steps and then down almost falling and doing more damage to himself. The bandage was to be there a week. Blackie chewed and pulled at the bandage so we took him back in less than a week. The place had an odor so she cleaned it again saying it was healing and not bleeding, rebandaged and gave him amoxi cillin to take for 10 days and said to come back in a week. This bandage was less sturdy so he had basically removed a telfa pad from the foot area by midnight last night ( 4 days) and the place was bleeding. We cut off the rest of the bandage. Now we don't know what to do. When he licks it, it bleeds, so we think he is worse than when we started. The vet said pad problems are unusal. Anyone have any experience with this? Please help us help Blackie.
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If you can, have it rebandaged and put the e-collar back on. Try to keep him confined, maybe to one room until it heals. Otherwise it seems he will keep taking the bandages off and it won't heal.
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I had the same problem with my cats paws. I got some type of wound tape from my vet. It looks likes the "Ace" wrap for sprained ankles that people use. It is soft and cloth like when you put it on, but with their body heat it changes and adheres to them very securely. It comes off easily with water and leaves no sticky residue. I cant remember what it was called, but if you explain that to your vet, he should know what it is.
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