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My cats eyes-Burnout

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hey everyone thanks for posting replys to me. I am just posting to give you guys all the info i have about the color in my cats eye its kinda brownish on the outer ring she has lots of enegry and is eating well. I never noticed it beforee untill one day a stray cat came to my window and all my cats started freaking out. This was the first time i noticed the color change.its been about a month or so now and it seems to be staying the same size.maybe i can get a pic of it and post it to the site. Or maybe you guys have a place i can go to look at pics of cats eyes with medical issues.

P.S I have four cats burnout,lita,nibbles and smelly but she is not smelly.
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While this won't change my advice which is get your cat to a vet asap, it's hard to even guess without more information.

Let's just say, any blood in the eye - in the cornea or iris is serious, any redness/swelling of the inner eye lid requires a vet exam, and if there is an actual change of color of the iris, it is very serious (I just went through several of the above all in one cat...sigh..so I do know from experience).
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I agree, any changes in your cat's eyes should immediately be examined by a vet. There are too many variables to consider diagnosing this on your own. Good luck, hope it's nothing serious!
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Not in any way I can think of..it takes a physical cause. Please keep us posted!
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if i can get a pic of it will you have a look at it.
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are there any websites i can goto to look at some eyes of cats that have medical issues. And i will take a pic of the discolor if i can and post up on the site. Burnout is about 3 years old and i would be crushed if anything ever happened to her. Plz hekp me out.
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Here is one I found...very technical in its descriptions of what is causing each condition shown in photographs, and not for viewing if you have a weak stomach!

click here
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Originally Posted by burnout3
if i can get a pic of it will you have a look at it.
Sure, but that won't help you any...I'm not a vet or vet tech, you don't want my guesses!
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maligant iris melanoma but not.it is not solid like the pic i seen, it is scatterd around the eye has same color as it though.
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I merged your threads as they were on the same topic and gives people more of the story. You really need to get this cat to the vet to be seen as there isn't anyway any of us can tell you with certainty what is going on.
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You+Car+Cat+Vet. Soon. Please.
Your kitty could be in pain, and her vision could be compromised unless she's seen and treated.
While I am NOT a vet or vet tech I am the daughter of an ophthalmological surgeon, and the one thing I've learned from that is that ANYTHING wrong with your eyes should be tended to ASAP by a doctor. The eye is a very delicate organ.

Please, please, please. Take the kitty to the vet on Monday!
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