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Oh ewwww, Cosette!!!

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I love Cosette to death, but the bigger she gets, the more I realize how FLUFFY and LONG her fur is getting, especially under her tail.
I don't mind long, fluffy hair, but the problem is that she has had "dingleberries" (fecal matter that didn't quite make it into the litterbox) clinging onto to those hairs under her tail.
Does anyone have this problem with their kittens/cats? Will she get better at removing them as she gets older (she's 7 months old now)? Any advice on grooming her? So far, I've had to cut several clumps out with scissors!
Thanks for any help y'all can offer!!
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you or a groomer can shave a little safty zone around that area so shell be free of dingleberries
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I havw always kept the bum hair trimmed down on my long hairs to save from that very problem.
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Agreed, go to the groomer and have it shaved...my mom's cat Honey used to have that problem, but it just wasn't poo, she peed on herself as well. When that cat walked into the room...she cleared everyone out!
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Dingleberries! LOL!! I was just going to say, you can have her shaved. The vet did this for Cody when she was having UTI's...since she's so big, she can't properly groom herself. Good luck!
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Thanks y'all I guess I'll talk the vet into shaving her next time we're in...in the meantime, I'm just going to keep cutting out those clumps. It's so grody!!!
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Yeah, I do the shaving thing too.

Want to hear a nightmare? What started me on the shaving thing was coming home to find Sylvester had gotten a rather large "dingleberry" on her fur. But she wasn't very happy about it so she had dragger her butt ALL OVER the floor trying to get it off. It was really, really, gross. I wanted to yell at her but the poor thing was just as distressed by it all as I was so I settled for a trim and a bit of a rinse (which she hated) and some snuggling.
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