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It's been 6 months

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It's been 6 months since my beloved Snoopy left me for The Rainbow Bridge. He lived to be 20 years old, and for every minute of those 20 years, he was a complete joy to me and THE BEST thing that ever came into my life. I grew from a teenager to a woman with this wonderful boy by my side, and to be honest, I just don't have the words in my vocabulary to express how much I loved him.

Since he left me, I have not been able to look at his photo's because it was too painful to me, however, I wanted to share a couple of photo's of my beloved best friend with all of you. The first picture is when he was young, and strong, and THE MOST beautiful boy that was ever put on this earth, at least in my humble opinion. The 2nd picture was taken a little over a year ago, towards the end of his journey. Physically, he wasn't as beautiful, but inside he still had the most beautiful soul, and all I could see was beauty when I looked at him.

Here is Young Snoopy

Here is Senior Snoopy

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Snoopy was a beautiful boy!! You are lucky that you had him for so many years...20 years...wow!!

Every now and then...sometimes just once in our lifetime, we have that "one"...that special understanding fuzzy face that just fills us. It sounds like Snoopy was your "one".

I'm sorry for your loss and in time I hope the photographs will bring smiles filled with good memories rather than tears.
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Snoopy was such a handsome boy - whether young or senior. It's lovely that you were such good friends for all those years.
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What gorgeous photos of your baby boy. He couldn't have asked for a more loving mommy.
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Those are wonderful pictures...it is so hard to loose a beloved friend..and to have him for 20 years wow!...you must have many fond memories
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Hope, I'm sorry you lost your Snoopy. Thanks for sharing his pictures with us , he was a beautiful boy.
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Aww, Snoopy was such a handsome boy. I hope that soon, you'll remember his beauty every time you think of him. He would want you, his best buddy and beloved mommy, to be happy!
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Thank you everyone. Snoopy really was my little soul mate kitty. I love my other kitties, don't get me wrong, but there will NEVER be another Snoopy
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Bless you sweet Snoopy. Your Mommy misses you little darling.
Dexter, Sadie & Lei
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Hope, Snoopy was such a handsome boy. He was lucky to have such a wonderful meowmy and you were lucky to have found your soul mate kitty. He's always with you, your own guardian angel.
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What a sweet tribute you gave by sharing his pictures with us. It sounds like he was a darling, loving boy.
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Hope Snoopy was and always will be a handsome little boy, and he'll always live on in your heart

I know you realise how lucky you were to have had 20 years of his company, and i really hope that my girls live just as long
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Snoopy was a very beautiful boy. How blessed you both were to share such a long time together.
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