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How do you get the nice pix next to your name?

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Hi - I'm new - have been in behaviour forum getting great advice from great people! How do I get the pix next to my name and at the end of my posts???? I tried, but it came up as an attachment. I'm new to the chat thing, so bear w/me!
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Hey there Neighbor!! First of all welcome.

You can get the picture if you click on USER CP, which is located near the top of the page. Then once you get to that screen you can edit your profile. At the bottom of the profile page is a place where it says "avatar" . That is where you get the photos from.

Good luck.
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AAAAAHHHH...... Thank You! What a neat place - you meet people from everywhere! Are you in Southern, Northern or Western mass? I'm up near the coast - love it here in unpredictable mass - wait five minutes, the weather will change!
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I'm on Cape Cod....about 3 min from the ocean. I love it here! I was actually born and raised in Waltham than I lived in Germany for a good many years. We finally returned here to MA almost 2 years ago, and boy did I miss it!!
I love New England!!
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The cape is beautiful - went there alot when I was very young. Stayed down pomponesset beach - I was a tomboy and had a clan of little boy friends. Good times when your young and don't have to pay bills and worry about everything. I live about 20 minutes from Hampton/salisbury area - I love love love the beach. Germany - WOW that's far from home!

Now what about the nice little pix you have on your signature? How do you get those?
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Under that same edit profile page you can add icons to your signature. Just look down where the signature block is, and that is where you can decide what you want there. Click on the "smilies" link to the left of the signature block.

I love salisbury area!! I used to go to the north shore when I was younger as well. My favorite beach in the world is Wingasheak in Gloucester. I Love it there, although its a bit of a ride for me now being so far south.
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Yea - I don't get to the cape much anymore (sigh)... Do you have just cats or do you have other animals? I just had to put my cat Romeo to sleep - he had heart disease - very sudden. Devistated. But I got a new one - Jinxy, to keep Jake company because he was very sad when Romy went. My vet said that I should be thankful because his heart was so bad and had to have been for so long.... it is easier not knowing sometimes. He was healthy for the 11 years I had him and He was playing w/his mouse the night before he went. So I know he wasn't in any pain or anything until the next morning when I found him. I know I did the right thing putting him to sleep. Jinxy looks just like him. I miss him and still cry, but I know he's better off then we are, that's for sure! He's kicken back, eatin tuna, snoozin.....
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Yes,I have cats. Two right now, both 2 year old spayed females. We lost a 5 month old kitten on Christmas Eve, he ran out the door and was hit by a car. It was awful. I am still upset, but the new one we got has eased the pain quite a bit.

I also have a husband and 2 great kids, ages 5 and 2. They are my life. I am a stay at home mom, but am in the process of opening a home daycare.

Keep in touch.
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I'm sorry about your little kidden. Its so hard when they are young. Good for you for getting another - it was hard for me too - I felt guilty, but I know its the best thing to do cuz so many need homes. I wanted to take all of them home - dogs, cats, iguanas....

I'm still single - divorced but very good friends w/ex. I'm happy though - my animals keep me company!

Keep in touch and stay out of the hot sun down in sunny Cape Cod!!!!
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Welcome. Glad to see you navigating your way around.


Apparently you should hire yourself out as an internet tutor. You've done well, girl. I didn't know you lived on the Cape. Color me jealous. When I was a kid, we spent our summer vacations there every year, in Dennisport. My childhood best friend's family owned a house on the Vineyard in East Chop, so I spent a good lot of time there, as well. New England is one of my favorite places.
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Hey Deb25, don't be jealous. It isn't fun to be an actual year round resident here usually. The tourist season basically forces me to stay indoors, and in the winter its so dead quiet you could hear a pin drop!!! I'm only half joking, I actually love where I live. I love to smell the ocean, I love to see the beach whenever I want, and the town where I am is really a great community.
Do you ever vacation here anymore?? If you do, you'll have to let me know....we can meet somewhere and talk cats!!!!!!!!!!
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OH I WISH! Actually I was up there around 10 years ago, as the friend I mentioned got married on the Vineyard. I was scheduled to go to the Cape on vacation about 8 years ago, right when me ex and I split up. I'm dying to get back. Have you ever been to the oldest carousel in America on the Vineyard in Oak Bluffs? I have a ring from that merry-go-round on my keychain that I have had since I was about 10.
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No, never been to that carousel. I was just in downtown Hyannis yesterday ( went to the mall ) and it was so dead. The mall was nearly empty, I guess january is here!! It was funny, cause when you go in June, you can't even park!!

Well, if you do make it up this way , we can meet on the vinayard and do lunch!!:tounge2:
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