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Could I make a suggestion?

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I love the new set up of the boards. There is just one thing, that would work, at least FOR ME, and that would be that you put the ANNOUNCEMENTS Forum at the top. Please believe me, I'm not trying to tell you what to do, and I'm not finding fault. I only suggest this, because if there are changes or new rules, ect ect, people will see it, right off the moment they come to the Forums. For me, the Announcements are always hard to find, now. I'm learning that they are towards the middle, but I personally think they might work better at the top. Please don't be insulted by this suggestion, I don't mean any insult by it.
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I was thinking that myself too, Hope.
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I third the motion. Would be good to have the announcements near the top so that if anything important is going on, its easy to see it right off the bat before I go to the "new posts".
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good idea hope!
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I have read your suggestion, guys, and am still mulling it over. I actually thought about it myself when I made the change. The issue is that the Announcement forum comes under our General Forums header. In order to put it at the top of the page, I would have to create a new generic forum category. I am not sure if that would be more or less confusing or give the main page a more cluttered look.

I have also considered moving Announcements to the bottom of the forums, as I have seen on many other forums, too.

I can't help but notice the increased traffic to H & N, since it's at the top of the page.
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I have to admit I have been checking it out much more regularly than I was before the change. You guys rock!
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