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nasty biz in litter tray

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my old cat barnaby (hes 16) has got loose bowl movements and has been sick.and of course no vets open being a sunday.ive taken his food away,ill put him on a fluid only diet for the day.any other suggestions?? ill see how he is in the morning and if hes still the same get him to the vets.
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my vet reccomends plain boiled chicken or white fish for an upset stomach.

do you think it could be caused by something he ate?
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I hope Barnaby's illness isn't anything serious! Do you have an emergency clinic that is open when regular vets are not? That's our only option here. Keep us posted about his condition! Sending lots of thoughts your way.
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he seems ok in him self,got a sulk on cause ive fed the others n not him.he had canned food with gravy and hes a piggy when it comes to the gravy,so ill leave him tonight and get him some *elderly cat food* for him 2morrow,see if that helps,but feeding 3 cats all separatly going to be a pain!!
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If your cat has diarrhea a liquid diet won't help much. You can cook up some hamburger meat, add some cooked rice and give him about a tablespoon of it to help bind him up. Because of his age, it would be a good idea to get him in and be checked out and make sure he doesn't become dehydrated. See if he will also eat some plain yogurt with active cultures and add some Pedialyte to his water dish. Keep his litter pans scooped and scrubbed till you find out what is causing this.
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been kepping an eye on the litter tray,well all well in that department think it was the food with gravy didnt do him much good,ive given him a tiny amount of cat food today,and so far so good
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barnabys so much better hes settled down into eating as i call *ole geezer cat food* he loves it,im kepping him away from any food with gravy in it,but thanx for your help,
just got to get him to the vets to have a cyst drained,hes too old for an op now so just goes back every couple of months to have it drained.
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