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good morning from the UK

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had a late night last night watched dvds,shawn of the dead (v.funny) and hell boy (v.good) chartlie got up at 6 to go to a bootsale,i just rolled over and went back to sleep its now 9-15 am,just had my 1st coffee,and im very slowly coming awake
its warm but dull n overcast here.
hope u all have a good sunday what ever your planning on off for a shower to try n wake up.then my day starts
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Good morning to you. Here in Sunny Los Angeles, it's a little past 2am. I'm going to stay up until about 10am or 11am, and then go to bed, because I work the Graveyard Shift on Sunday Night/ Monday morning. Even though I'm 8 hours behind you, I keep about the same exact hours as most people from the UK.
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Good morning!!!!. It's lovely and sunny here in the North of England!
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Bonjour from London

The sun is out, the sky is blue but I am hungover...!
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I KNOW it's sunny and beautiful in London.
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Bonjour from Dortmund
Its warm but its so foggy outside!

i came home at 3 am last night and teufel has been crazy since i got home, i think he has noticed that his bits are now gone
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Morning . It beautifully sunny in the middle of England too - maybe the sunny weather will work its way down to you.
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Good Morning from Garfied Heights, Ohio, USA! Right now it's 6:20 AM and I'm laying here in bed with the laptop and the kits. Jerry was gone overnight, so although I missed him, it was WONDERFUL to have the whole bed to myself.........well, if you can call yourself with three little "furvultures" as Rigel wouldy say! LOL Still mostly dark out here, so I'm not sure if it's going to be sunny or not. As I look out the window,, the sun is just starting to lighten the sky!
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ive just had a wierd a phone message,saying hello its dad can u ring me back,my dad passed away 4 years TODAY,so was spooked out about that,luckily it wasnt my dads accent or else charlie would have to be picking me up off the floor now.
im not upset about dad,as he had been ill for a while,and i know hes safe n happy now,he used to live in a horrible area,so no danger for him now,but i do miss him.
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Hejsa fra København i Danmark! Vejret er også godt her i dag.

It's really nice here just now - just comfortable. It was too hot and sticky yesterday but i's a little overcast and slightly cooler today! Wonderful! HOpe you ahve a good day there!
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Guten Morgen from Medford, Oregon. It is clear and 65 degrees here at 0610 and the sun is just coming up.
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Sorry to hear about that weird scare, Boysmum...Really odd!!!
Maybe ring that dad back anyway and ask him what he wants... Though as its someones dad, he obviously didn't leave his number...duh. Nevermind. Its too early...
What part of the UK are you in? Say hi to my fam in Oxford...

Actually, its 1030 here in the geographical CENTRE OF CANADA!! That's why I feel claustrophobic...I've got people on all sides

Its as usual, Very SUNNY with nuclear blue sky...and coming on fall so temperate...

I am avoiding housework by drinking my 3rd cup of coffee (with no sugar as I forgot to buy some...

Soon, I will venture towards the shower, turn up the music v. loud and then dance/clean. Yes, its an actual sport.
Hope you all have a wonderful day..!
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G'Morning from Illinois! Sunny and warm here, last day of the State Fair!
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What is a State Fair?
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Well it's 17.12 in the afternoon early evening ... My hangover did kind of go away so I went to the garden centre and bought some plants. I re-planted my hanging baskets in the front garden (all the petunias died off), did two loads of washing, dusted and hoovered the flat, swept the garden and I just had a shower to cool off and now I feel really ill again I just took some paracetamol because I think my hangover is back!!!

It's not so sunny now btw, it's overcast and I think it could rain Best run out and get the washing just in case it does!
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its 18:83 went to bed 3 times today, havent done anything!
I feel so sick and i didnt even drink.
Just put a load in the washing then im going to do the dishes and go back to bed
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