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My 15 minutes of fame

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Well I'm getting my 15 minutes of fame! My little side business is being featured in the Kansas City Star newspaper. They feature a local craftsperson each week on page 2 of the House and Home Magazine. I started this business to raise funds for the Humane Society, and was referred to a couple of stores in the city to sell my stuff there. One of those stores requested that the Star interview me. They did, now I have to buy about 50 copies of the paper tomorrow to send to my family and friends!

Here is the article if you can get to it. You may have to sign up online (but it's free). There are no pictures online, but I've been told that they will have those in the actual paper.

Now I'm terrified that I actually might get sales! I've been too busy of late to do anything with the business other than a few donations here and there. But I guess I'm proud to be good enough to make a big city newspaper!!

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I hope you do get sales. Isn't it funny? Most of us are actually scared of success.
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You already know what I think about your wonderful talent. You have helped so many homeless animals through your talent and in others ways! Good for you!
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I hope you do get sales. Isn't it funny? Most of us are actually scared of success.
I'm not afraid of success, I'm afraid I that there aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with a job and a side business!

Just waking up and going off to buy some newspapers now!
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Congratulations deserve this recognition.
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That's wonderful!! Congrats!
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How absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!
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Very nice! I hope it gives you a nice boost for the upcoming holiday season.
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Congratulations, Amy!!! That is wonderful! I've already read the article (plus the issue's local commentary about the cat who didn't kill the bird). How noble of you to do this to raise money for the humane society. If only there were more people like you - bless you in all that you do! Susan
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That's pretty cool. By the way, nice web site and cat bed designs! Those mats have really cute fabric designs on them too.
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Congrats, Amy!! I'm glad you're getting some recognition -- you deserve it!
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That's great, Amy! Congrats!
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Wonderful Amy! Congratulations!
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Awesome, Amy! I'm so proud of you!
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