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"Good-bye ICY", from her sad 9 year old boy

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Our beloved Icy got outside & has been missing for over 2 weeks. Sadly, my grandson John has decided to consider her gone over RB. I couldn't bring myself to post when she was missing because I kept hoping she'd come back (she was my grandson's darling pride & joy)- Icy lived with me because my grandson moved to San Diego. John, 9 years old, has asked me to post this so he could let you all know something about Icy, and what her loss means to him.
John feels like this, I feel my heart has exsploded into smithereens.I also cry everytime I think about her . I lost three cats all beloved.
I,m so sorry for anyone who their beloved animals.
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Tell him not to give up hope. www.lost-pets.org will give you tips on how to find Icy. I have had cats go missing for months and then suddenly show up. Had one that vanished for a year and I found her in someone's window one morning as I was walking the dog down a different route.
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MA's right. I have someone i work with who's daughter lost her cat and gave it up for dead.

9 months later she received a phone call from a complete stranger 8 miles away asking if she'd lost a black cat?.

He found him hanging around his back garden and looked at his collar that had her phone number on
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Don't give up hope. My mum's cat Carly disappeared for nearly a year then just suddenly showed up again out of the blue. she came back healthy so had obviously been getting food from somewhere. Still no one knows where she went or what happened to her.
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I lost a cat for over two weeks once, then he just turned up. I do hope you find Icy.
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John says, "THANK YOU for all your encouragements!" And I say, "Thank you", too! We are taking all your words as a sign that we should renew hopes & efforts. And while we send prayers & vibes for Icy, we will include "happiness & protections" for all your cats, too. Sincerely, Susan & John
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Best of luck, I hope you find sweet Icy!! I know how hard it is to lose a furbaby. Sending you many good vibes!
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I still hope that you find Icy...I'll send prayers your way in the hopes of a good outcome
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I am so sorry that you are missing sweet Icy. When John says his heart has exploded into smithereens, I really understand his level of grief. Prayers that she is found or just comes home to you and John.
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im so sorry about icy
dont give up hope though.....ill be praying for you
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I am sending positive vibes for a good outcome.
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Thank you all so much for your kind words & prayers - it has really helped John to cope with this loss. There is still no sign of Icy... but I continue to pray that my little grandson will have a miracle happen. He is so good to animals - my hens follow him like dogs, and he often makes friends with even the most skittish animals. His cats are very precious to him - when he was 3 yrs., his cat Toby disappeared during a move, his cat Salem (his mom had Salem since before John was born) died from kidney trouble, and now Icy......Again, thank you all for understanding! Our cats are truly members of our family, and it is wonderful to be part of the TCS family! You all are the BEST!! Susan and John
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